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About Grieving and Birthdays

This isn't the first year my birthday plans have been tossed down the garbage shoot. Yes, I know a thing or two about grieving and birthdays. If we weren't in the middle of a global pandemic I would be celebrating my birthday on a beach in Sarasota, Florida. I also would have just opened a show on Thursday but neither of those have happened and instead I'm standing in my family kitchen attempting to bake my own gluten free birthday cake from scratch and planning a virtual birthday party with a bottle of prosecco. Happy Birthday to me.  Twenty one years ago I recall another kind of lockdown. I was a senior in high school in Centennial, Colorado,  It was the middle of the school day and I had gone home with a friend during second period, I don’t really remember why we were at her house, but I do remember suddenly feeling an intense feeling of dread accompanied by a throbbing headache and a shakiness that sent me to her couch and begged me to lie down. Something wasn’t r

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