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So it's funny that I chose to write this post on a day that I didn't go to the YMCA...but today, the results of my many trips to the Y have paid off!  You may recall in an earlier post (The Weight Issue...) I mentioned my goal to fit into my size 2 pants by the time I turn 30, on April 22nd.  Well it's a minor miracle that I don't have to wait that long...because I am officially fitting back into all of my pre-pregnancy pants (even some 0's!!)!!! (Note: Please don't hate me for posting these sizes...remember I am only 5'1 and I'm not a stick thin 6 foot skinny girl, I have curves and I'm proud of them...and when you gained 50 lbs during pregnancy, I think this is a victory worth sharing!)

I can't believe I'm posting a picture of my bum...but I'm so proud...it's back!!

These are my favorite Gap size 0 pants...I can't believe I have them on!

  I really don't know how this happened all of a sudden...because as of 2 weeks ago I was barely squeezing into a size 6.  Though I have a feeling breastfeeding has been a huge help...I'm also going to say that my frequent weekly trips to the Y are the cause of such glorious results.

Early in January John and I became members at one of the Chicago Metro area YMCA's (The Leaning Tower but mostly I go to the High Ridge YMCA) mainly because I was quite miserable in my post-baby body and needed motivation to work it off.

So here are the top 5 reason's why I LOVE going to the Y:

#1.  FREE BABYSITTING...this is the most essential part of why I go to the Y.  For moms who can't afford daycare, but would still like an hour or 2 to get away and do something for you...this is it! A single membership in Chicago costs as little as $30/month...and you can literally go every day and use up to 2 hours of babysitting every visit.  That's worth the monthly fee more than anything else!!!! I love the girls who watch Gunnar at the High Ridge YMCA...two of the girls sing spanish songs to him (bilingual bonus?).

#2.  A Shower...when someone else is watching my baby, I don't have to worry about whether he is crying while I'm in the shower.  I can get clean and pretty at my leisure. So basically, if I want to shower...I go to the gym.

#3. A Pool...I'm not much for basic workouts. I love to swim. It's low impact and swimming works out every major part of your body. And it's quite refreshing.

#4. Treadmills & Elipticals with televisions...I can be convinced to walk 3 miles if there is a tv show on in front of me.  Sometimes I even forget I'm working out because I'm so engrossed in the tv.  Sad but true.

#5. Free classes...though I have yet to utilize any of the Free classes...it sure is awesome to know that when I want to go to a yoga class I don't have to pay an extra cent.

I try to go the gym at least 4 times a week...and it seems to have paid off for me!

*Note: Apparently weight and size do not correlate when you are breastfeeding. I still weigh a good 6-7 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight...I'm assuming much of this weight is due to the triple sized breasts and the still some-what present tummy. But I'm guessing/hoping those lbs will eventually drop off...in due time!

Gunnar and I took a trip to the library across the street today!!


  1. This has inspired me to get back into our local gym, thanks for posting it. I was waiting until the end of cold and flu season since there's so much stuff going around here (see Kelly's blog, it's insane out here) but I think I'll make this week my week!

    The weight thing is interesting to know too! I'm still 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm *almost* fitting into all but my skinniest jeans. I still wouldn't call them comfortable. Just buttoned. And yeah, it's on the tummy. If you count 2 1/2 lbs extra for boobs, which I think is accurate, I'm only about 5-8 lbs overweight. I sort of gave up the winter. But maybe I'll call winter over this coming Monday ;)

  2. So how long did it take you to get back into your pants? I'm struggling with this issue right now and everyone keeps saying that I need to wait 9 months.... but that seems crazy long.

  3. @Lisa: So glad this motivated you! I hope you enjoy going to the gym as much as I do.

    @Sarah: Well, Gunnar is about 3 and a half months...so I guess it's taken me that long. I was always told it could take anywhere from 6 months-a year to lose the baby weight. That's why I think going to the gym sort of expedited my results.


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