Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Weight Issue....

 Here's my little G, just before we went to pick up daddy from the train!!
So the day is through and once again I've completed my To Do List for the day!
I am only 3 days into my February challenges...and I must say, I'm loving it! It feels so good to get so much done and the cleaning schedule is amazing, I wish I had done this earlier! As I was scrubbing the bathrooms yesterday I was thinking...this is the dirtiest I will see these bathrooms in a while, as long as I keep this up! How dirty can a bathroom get in 1 week? Certainly not as dirty as it has in 3...which is the last time I can remember really scrubbing both bathrooms.
I wish I had taken a "before and after" picture of Gunnar's closet today. Today was organize/minimize day and my project was Gunnar's closet, which houses my Etsy supplies, Gunnar's clothes and some of my clothes as well. In just under an hour it went from disaster to FABULOUSLY organized and neat! YES!!!

In other news...I'm down 3 lbs from last week!!! Finally! I was stuck at the same weight for almost 3 weeks and I was beginning to think it would never budge!
Yep, I'm going weight. Ugh! I was NOT prepared emotionally for the post-baby body. For some reason I thought it would all melt off in a matter of weeks. Who was I kidding?
Now I have to remind myself that I'm actually doing quite well.  I gained far more than the average pregnant woman's 20-35 lbs....I packed on so much water weight in the last trimester that in total I gained 50 whopping lbs before Gunnar was born. And in 12 weeks I have lost over 40 of those pounds. I am in the home stretch with less than 10 lbs left til I reach my pre-pregnancy weight!
I'm trying not to "Diet" as I know I need to eat well to maintain a good milk-supply...but I am exercising at least 4 days a week.  I just hope that I will fit back into my size 2 pants by the time I turn 30 in April...wish me Luck!!

Some things I refuse to deprive myself of:
Tassimo Chai Latte
dark chocolate
ice cream


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