Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gunnar's 1 year pics

Just before Christmas we had Gunnar's 1 year pictures taken again with Renee Gooch of Gooch Too Whimsical Children Photography in Chicago.
As always Renee was easy going and made for a fun shoot with her songs and playful nature.
She has featured Gunnar's shoot on her blog and I thought I'd share those with you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Signs...

We had a CRAZY day around here...I mean crazy!!!

There was absolutely NO napping what-so-ever...despite about 23 attempts (okay maybe not that many but isn't it fun to over exaggerate? I do it a lot!!!!)

I think this might have been due to the fact that Gunnar slept in until 10am today (and no this is NOT an over exaggeration like the previous comment)...YEP not going to let that happen EVER again...

And then we did some extra long NAKED time (which is always fun until he pees or poops on the floor, both of which occurred today!)

And then since we already made such a mess we figured the kid is going to need a bath tonight...why not let him EAT naked (okay he had a diaper on) but he enjoyed his hot dog and BEANS (his favorite) and used them as body paints and hair gel!! FABULOUS!!!

So NOW please enjoy viewing our NAKED son decorated in Bean juice from head to toe while he shows you some of the baby signs he knows:

"MORE" finger tips together

"PLEASE" hand to heart...Gunnar gestures with both to emphasize how much he wants whatever he's asking for.

"BANANA" pealing the finger...this is not a very good representation...and Gunnar sort of does his pealing backwards but I know what he's saying and it's too cute to correct!

"SORRY" rubbing fingers to heart...Gunnar says this to the kitties a lot and to me today after he pooped on the floor, unprompted!

"ALL DONE!!" Waving hands away! Gunnar likes to say this one but then changes his mind and keeps eating....argh! 
I think this is just "MORE" again...

"EAT" Fingers to lips...Gunnar lets us know when he's hungry!

Bean juice hair gel...I think this could catch on! It adds a nice auburn color to the hair!

This is Gunnar saying "NIGHT NIGHT!" his  own creation of two handed bye bye.

Bean eyeshadow...very becoming! I always wanted a shadow that gave my lids the appearance of warts!

When I asked Gunnar to show me "ICE CREAM" he decided to show me the way a cat might eat it first....

but then he showed me the actual sign..."ICE CREAM" lick the hand! We use a sound affect with this one...sort of sounds like a dog panting...which always gets Gunnar giggling!!
He knows a few more like "HOT","Milk" and "Cracker" but those are harder to capture on camera. But we hope you enjoyed our messy don't you want to just go and jump in a bath? I do! Gunnar did!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Friendly...

[Okay...I know I promised pictures of Gunnar signing...but it's going to have to wait until my camera gets fixed. Next week I promise.]

There is something to be said about a restaurant that gets it...
Moms you know what I'm talking about. How many times have you been to a restaurant that is sooo clueless about catering to babies. Maybe their highchairs are outdated and the buckles don't buckle...or there is no place to change the baby in the bathroom. There's nothing baby friendly on the menu and the waiter rolls his eyes when you ask if they can bring out plain yogurt. So when I come across a restaurant that bends over backwards for my little bet I'm going to write home about it...better yet I'm going to write this BLOG about it!

About a month ago John and I went out to brunch with our friend Brea. Brea was in charge of finding a spot none of us had been to, since we like trying new places. Our first choice was a skip due to the 45 minute wait so we went on to the second option which was a little brunch spot on North Sheridan called "TWEET".  Brea ran inside to see about a wait, and although there was a 10 minute wait the hostess offered orange juice and coffee while we we decided we could bear the wait even with our squirmy 1 year old. The wait wasn't bad at all and was TOTALLY worth it once they brought us to our table...for what I found was hands down the most family friendly experience I've had at any restaurant to date!!!!
Moms and future restaurant owners take note of what TWEET did so RIGHT:

Upon arriving at our table we found:
1. A fully functioning highchair complete with paper underneath for all the food that fails to make it into Gunnar's mouth.
2. A basket, no I'm serious (see picture), of baby friendly toys including books, activities and stuffies for Gunnar to enjoy should he become impatient sitting around.
3. A baby bowl with sliced bananas and a baby fork (waiting there for Gunnar when we sat need to order it...just there waiting for him to scarf down...which he did...promptly and then ordered 2 more)

When we met our awesome waiter Max, the first thing he did was ask Gunnar's name. Every time he came by the first thing he asked was if he could get anything for Gunnar and he played peek-a-boo games and made silly faces with him throughout the great!

And that wasn't all...the food was out of this world. The menu was killer. There was something for everyone, I your food allergen...they've got a plethora of food options for you. Vegan? No problem? Gluten allergen? No problem...There was so much to choose from and everything sounded so delicious that I did have some troubles choosing. But Max let me order kiddy pancakes for Gunnar in the adult variety of pumpkin to share with G so that I could also get the egg dish I had been wanting. Amazing. And those pumpkin pancakes were probably the best thing I've had for breakfast in 8 years...seriously, amazing!

So take a note from Gunnar's Mother, if you're in the Chicago area and looking for a delicious brunch spot that is cute, fun and BABY friendly...look no further than "Tweet" --5020 N Sheridan Rd.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Again...

I've been putting this off.

I think time got away from me again and I feel it's time for a little update...and hopefully I can be much more on it these days (I don't know if I'll go back to daily posts...but I think I can promise weekly ones).
I have 2 friends in labor it's fired me up and got my blood pumping just thinking about what they're going through.

I have to admit...I find myself giving googling eyes to all babies under the age of 9 months.
Don't get me wrong. I am in heaven with this stage Gunnar is in right now (more on that later)...but I miss those sweet days of snuggles and sleeping in my arms. Those days flew so fast I can't believe I'm typing this as the mother of a nearly 14 month old. I get it...I get why women just keep going, having baby after baby. Now I'm not going to go all Michelle Duggar on you...NO WAY...but I'm saying it makes sense. That time is so precious and gone in a FLASH. Why wouldn't you want to just capture that moment again and again?

Well I'll tell you why I won't...yet.
1.Because I can't imagine being pregnant and chasing around a 14 month old.
2.Because we don't have the space. (And especially sense we will definitely be moving within the year---not by choice)
3. Because practically, I don't want to buy more baby gear, double strollers, double car seats, etc.
4. I want to spread out the baby love.

But I find myself nostalgic for all my friends who have had babies in the last 6 months....snuggle your baby 5 minutes longer tonight for me...I wish I could.

We are at such a fun time my friends. We are at the crossroads of a new development. A little something called COMMUNICATION!! We have contact folks! My child and I are able to speak through alternate forms of speaking and yes, by george...we do in fact...communicate! "AMAZING!"
Yes I think that's the word these two girls used at Starbucks today when they witnessed Gunnar signing "More Please" for the prized rice krispy treat I was sharing with him.
It is amazing! All of a sudden his cries have cut in half...he communicates instead of whining. It's a miracle. And it took what feels like a life time.
I started showing Gunnar signs when he was 5 months old. I don't know why I thought he'd pick them up so early...but I was hopeful. I wanted to give up so many times...but I pressed on for 8-9 months...and now he gets it. And he LOVES learning new words. It is so much fun. I cannot recommend it enough! In my next post I will take pictures of Gunnar doing some of the signs he knows.

But since the little genius is currently sleeping...for your viewing pleasure these are some pics from our Holiday Vacation! Enjoy!