Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gunnar the Fashion Editor

This morning I got dressed while Gunnar was eating his breakfast. When I came into the kitchen Gunnar followed me saying "Mommy? Why are you wearing that mommy?"
Detecting that this was out of order (usually I dress Gunnar before dressing myself to go somewhere) I could see a little worry in Gunnar's face.
"Oh honey, mommy has to go to work in a few minutes."
"NOOOooooo!" water building in the corners of his doll like grey eyes.
"Oh honey, I'm sorry but mommy has to work again but Auntie Kerry is coming over to play with you today. Won't that be fun?"
"Yeah...but mommy?"
"Yes honey?"
"Why do you wear that thing mommy?" he touches the light weight scarf I've selected to wear over my lightweight shift dress. "I don't want mommy to wear this...I want mommy to wear a neck-a-lace" he says with a twinkle in his eyes.
"Oh you do? You don't like this scarf?"
"No I don't like that scarf mommy...here I'll take this off of you." And he does...grabs my hand and drags me into my room to my jewelry wall. "This orange neck-a-lace mommy. I want this for you."
Well what could I say? He was right...it looked better...
My 2 year old stylist...I sure hope this lasts!