Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Choice is mine...

For the last year I have panicked whenever Gunnar would fall asleep in the car. I assumed this meant I would automatically lose a nap because it was impossible to transfer him inside while still sleeping...I've come to realize recently that this panic comes with being overworked and this leads to my inability to breathe in the true possibilities of the day. To put it simply...when I'm incredibly busy I often forget how to be that easy going mom.

When I'm busy my time is precious and my day needs to go as planned in order for me to get everything done.  When things don't go as planned I recently acknowledged that I sort of turn into a stress ball and I let my day run me instead of the other way around.

Having a little more time on my hands lately has helped to remind me about the benefits of being a "go with the flow" kind of mom.  Yes it's good to have a plan for the day, but the truth is unless the stars completely align, I guarantee something is going to throw off my day. Whether it's an unexpected email, a cat choking on ribbon, or a toddler who refuses to nap, these unexpected turns are far easier to deal with if I can play it by ear and rationally think through compromises that make the most of the time that is given to me.

For example...a few days ago Gunnar fell asleep in the car as we were returning from a long day of running errands. Normally this sets me into panic mode.  A brief nap in the car usually equates to no nap at nap at home means I can't get the things done that are easier done without a two year old running around getting into trouble. But instead of panicking and trying desperately to wake him up while driving, I decided to see how things went we got home...go with the flow.

I unbuckled my sleeping monster and gently put him on my shoulder...still sleeping! A miracle...we walk slowly to the door where Mr. Sleepy starts to stir a little while I jostle the keys in the door. A quick thought about how all recent sleeping transfers into the crib have resulted in epic failure, I make a quick decision to bring G into our bed for nap instead (much easier to put him down when I can lay with him and wiggle free). As we lay down on the bed his eyes pop open.  "Don't give up" I remind I gently say to G "Hi sweetie, we're going to rest in mommy and daddy's bed today okay? If you can close your eyes mommy will sing you some lullabies." To my surprise he closes his eyes and says "Pocahontas Mommy" about half way through singing "Colors of the Wind" G's weight sinks into the pillow and he is out again.  SUCCESS!!

I never would have learned that this could work if I had panicked...I now know...the Choice is mine...I can choose to panic and feel like my day has spun out of control -OR- I can choose to remain calm, breathe and think through the situation at hand and continue to own my day one minute at a time.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

hat boy

My Boy has his own sense of style...
and that style includes wearing a hat everyday. 
Mostly, a flat cap.
We have 3
...he chooses which one to wear everyday.  
I love it.  
He gets compliments everywhere he goes
 (which is why I think he loves wearing it so much)! 
My Little Hat Boy!