Sunday, August 21, 2011

a sentence...

First he said..."Diap-ah" while I was changing his diaper.
Next, during church he leaned over to John and said "Hi Dad-dy!"
Then when we got home he said "Hi Kit-ty" to Sven...
Apparently he's moved on to sentences.
M's are on the horizon. I here him say mumumumum...maybe he prefers the British term Mum. I'll take it.
I could have sworn I heard him say "Grandpa" while we skyped G&G tonight.
This talking business sure is fun!

In other news...his head looks like it's been through WWIII I can count 6 different bruises on his forehead alone. We are almost walking...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Family, Tea & RAVINIA!!!

First of all I'd like to apologize for the infrequency of my posts lately.  I have far too many exciting things happening right now to take the time to post every day or even every other day.
I've started Rehearsals for my first show post-baby...and that has been extremely exciting, rewarding and fascinating. I feel like I am living the dream life...loving up my sweet child by day and doing my art by couldn't be more FULL! And in addition to that for the past month or so we've been sp fortunate to be able to see the better portion of my extended family!
Goddaughter (and cousin) Megan, Kira with Gunnar

Last week my Godmother (and aunt) came with her 3 children, including my Goddaughter which was so much fun. We spent hours and hours playing guitar hero, attended a Cubs game, went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and I enjoyed treating them to Dunkin-Donuts and ice cream from 7-11. We had so much fun...and Gunnar was in Heaven to have 3 beautiful blond girls and a cool teenage boy doting on him. 

Sometimes I worry that I won't have as much fun with my kids when they get older (because I've always been more of a baby person and fear I don't know how to interact with teens and tweens) but having my Nick (14), Megan (12) and Kira (10) around made it clear to me that it is a time to look forward to...We had so much fun! And they were so helpful with Gunnar and around the house (they even cleaned!)...and so polite! We definitely missed their presence when they left last Wednesday.

And then on Monday we were lucky enough to get my mom and grandma to come while John was away in Arkansas. We had a great time with them going to the Chicago Institute of Art, shopping downtown, and brunch at Tre Kroner (the Swedish Restaurant).  But yesterday's events took the cake...literally! What a day!

To start off, we took the "El" downtown to enjoy a leisurely High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel with mom, grandma ("Besta" to G), Aunt Lisa, Cousin Karin, Cousin Jessica and her newborn Dylan...all were there in celebration of Besta's 88th Birthday! The Lobby of the Peninsula was gorgeous and charming, the wait staff was very helpful and the food was amazing! The scones were my favorite (as usual).  Gunnar was a perfect Gentleman...sitting so quietly and patiently. Eventually I did let him crawl around on the carpet a little bit...which was probably a mistake because he bumped his head on the corner of a chair and got an instant bruise. But the waitstaff was soo sweet to bring ice and a darling Peninsula Teddy Bear to cheer him up! I was so taken a sweet of them. We took lots of generational pictures...but the most fun was putting the two babies together for a photo! Gunnar was so proud of himself to be "holding" baby Dylan and was grinning from ear to ear and giving him kisses and then trying to suck Dylan's hand...we got quite a laugh out of it all!

Besta and two of her great-grandsons

Four Generations

Cousin Karin, Besta and Aunt Lisa

Note the Bell Bear that the waitstaff gave Gunnar

kisses for Baby Dylan

"You have a hand too! These are so good...can I try yours?"

Directly after tea we loaded ourselves back on the "El" and headed back toward home where we met up with Gunnar's Auntie Kerry who was babysitting for the night; as the rest of us got in the car and drove up to Ravinia to see "The Lord of the Rings: Live in Concert". We picnicked on the lawn and sat in chairs we brought. The concert was performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Lakeside Singers, The Chicago Chorale, The Chicago Children's Choir and Soprano Kaitlyn Lusk and Alto Henry Griffin (age 11) who performed in sync with the screening of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" on the screen above them. I was amazed by the spectacle of it all...I was a little sad that we couldn't see the symphony/choirs from where we sat, we could only see the screen. And I was so intrigued by how the whole thing was put together. I couldn't imagine the immense pressure the conducter must he had to keep his eyes on an orchestra, 3 choirs, 2 soloists, his score AND stay in perfect timing with the film above the heads of them all. I also couldn't figure out why some of the voices didn't match the actors and wondered if they had to re-dub everything to take out the score for it to be played live. In any was fascinating and beautiful. I was extremely impressed with the performers especially the young boy soloist, Henry Griffin, who has such a pure and crystal clear voice.

What an incredibly packed and fun-filled day!

Now as everyone left this morning...I must get back to the grind and work on lines...hopefully during naps.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holy Mess!

Seriously...I love my child! I love him so much! But we have definitely approached that phase of babiness when I'm beginning to think he's a little gross sometimes.  Please don't judge...
I have a thing...
about mush...
especially cold mushy, CREEPS me out.
And lately...well my child has been covered in cold mushy stickiness...well him and his chair, and my floor and anything else he might have touched before I hosed him/everything down...YUCK!! I'm really much better about it now than I was as a nanny...probably because it's my child...but I'm still grossed out. And I have a hard time watching him eat...I just can't wait to wash his face and his hands and make him squeaky clean and kissable again.
I'm hopin I'll get used to it and soon it won't be a big deal...but every day, several times a day I am gag worthy disgusted by my own that's sad.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eating and Talking

Gunnar has been struggling with his ability to feed himself. His hands are huge and get in the way of the small bits of food he tries to feed himself. I've noticed that the bigger the food item the easier it is for Gunnar to find the food amidst his massive bear hands. Teething biscuits and mum mum's have been the only thing that he has been able to successfully feed himself in the last few weeks.

So yesterday I decided to take a risk and offer him bow-tie pasta. It's soft enough to chew and big enough to hold. It was a hit! And I really think it improved his coordination with hand to mouth. Today he was far more successful getting his puffs in his mouth and even managed small bits of strawberry and a graham cracker!

Tonight while he was finishing his strawberry dessert John came home. For the first minute of his arrival G was saying "dee dee dee"...and I said "dee what? Delicious?" and without further prompting he looked right at John and said "DaddY!!!!" And suddenly it all made sense...why he'd been saying "EEE, Eee, Teee, Tee" all day today...he's been working on his second syllables. He's been saying "dadadada" "kikikikiki" for months but clearly he's been holding back on presenting his first word until he got it right. Not Dada..."Daddy"! He was so proud of himself he kept repeating it...until he got to the bath. While playing with his rubber ducky I asked "Gunnar what's that?" And he responded instantly with "Duck-EE" and a huge grin!!! And then he repeated "duckY, duckY, daddY" until he went to bed! 
I'm certain kitty will be next as I've heard him say Ki-Ki-Ki whenever a cat walks by and today he was saying "Tee Tee Tee"...So Fun!!!

Sadly..."mmm's" haven't made G's consonant list I think it will be a while before I hear the long awaited "mommy"....

Cry it out...all over again...

Gunnar has developed a bad habit of waking to feed every 3 hours lately.  I let it happen while we were on vacation because I didn't want to risk waking up everyone in the houses we were visiting...but now it has to end.  He is almost 9 months and I know he's capable of sleeping through the night...what happened to the 10 and 11 hours of straight sleep he was giving me just a few short months ago?

Frankly I think he's learned the art of making mommy feel guilty. His sweet innocent blameless cry that won my heart for the first 5 months of his life...has been replaced with a wailing, screaming, guttural howl that sends me leaping from my bed almost instantaneously to make the dreaded sound cease.

We've had guests for the last 3 nights and will have yet more guests in a few days and I am determined to squash this habit before they come....but it is not going to be easy.

As we speak Gunnar has been walloping now for over 40 minutes. I know if I go in there my motherly instincts will give in to the tears and that would only teach him to continue this habit. I just don't know how much more I can take...but if I go in there now...those 40 minute will be for nothing. This is the hardest thing I've done...and I've already done it before...why do I have to suffer it again?!!!

Gunnar...mommy loves you. Go back to need to sleep.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Addition!

On Saturday we got to meet the newest addition to our extended family. Baby Dylan James Creech, my cousin's 3rd baby

This was the only picture I was able to capture of the 4 cousins together.

So sweet!

a little smile for me!

Gunnar was stoked!

Mommy Jessi looked amazing!

Such a cutie pie!

Later that evening Gunnar gave us a glimpse of his future playing Santa Clause!

Won't he be a Jolly Santa?

and then he decided to join us for a game of Killer Bunnies at Midnight...

He does have a poker face...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh the people we've seen...

On our East Coast Road Trip I was lucky to catch up with some of my favorite people in NYC & DC.

First up...Gunnar, my mother and I took a day trip into my old stomping grounds of NYC to visit many friends...
We started out having a wonderful lunch with my dear friend Katie for Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien--one of my old favorite lunch spots. Sadly I forgot to take a picture with Katie :(
Then it was time for a stroll through beautiful Central Park. It was the perfect day mid 70's!

Then we picked up G a hat and a travel lovey at FAO Schwartz

Then we met up with Melissa, Anna and Marc 04/05 ATL apprentices woo woo!

And Joanna showed up too!! It was so fun to see so many dear friends from my Apprentice class. 
 Then it was on to Dinner with Grad School Friends at Spring Street Natural in SoHo (another old fav!)
This is possibly the cutest picture ever with "Uncle" Ghafir!

So good to see Nissa, Ghafir and Kevin!!

Gunnar was  quite taken with Nissa...he recognized her instantly as he talks with her regularly on Skype!

Then it was on to Washington DC...

Where we got to see Sarah and Peter the oppressive heat

but it was so worth it!!
Then we saw my dear college friend Julia who even shared Gelato with G!

AND then we had the pleasure of spending some quality time on the farm with lots of family and Uncle Jim's menagerie of animals!
Dad, Uncle Jim and James went riding on Sam Brown, Sylvester and Winnie!

William got his first ride on Winnie...despite all the practice on the arm of the couch...he was less  than prepared for this moment...

Cousin Emma and her horse Winnie

Cousins William and G with 2nd cousins Emma and baby Colby!
 On our last day at the farm my dad's cousin showed up with 6 of her 8 beautiful daughters...
Gunnar was quite smitten with Gracie!

Emma with Sam Brown

Troy and Winnie

Annie and Mary with Sylvester

Sweet miniature donkey: Jewel

Sweet Olivia hugging Sylvester

and Katie with Buddy Boy!
We were so blessed to get to see so many people that we know and love!!