Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh the people we've seen...

On our East Coast Road Trip I was lucky to catch up with some of my favorite people in NYC & DC.

First up...Gunnar, my mother and I took a day trip into my old stomping grounds of NYC to visit many friends...
We started out having a wonderful lunch with my dear friend Katie for Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien--one of my old favorite lunch spots. Sadly I forgot to take a picture with Katie :(
Then it was time for a stroll through beautiful Central Park. It was the perfect day mid 70's!

Then we picked up G a hat and a travel lovey at FAO Schwartz

Then we met up with Melissa, Anna and Marc 04/05 ATL apprentices woo woo!

And Joanna showed up too!! It was so fun to see so many dear friends from my Apprentice class. 
 Then it was on to Dinner with Grad School Friends at Spring Street Natural in SoHo (another old fav!)
This is possibly the cutest picture ever with "Uncle" Ghafir!

So good to see Nissa, Ghafir and Kevin!!

Gunnar was  quite taken with Nissa...he recognized her instantly as he talks with her regularly on Skype!

Then it was on to Washington DC...

Where we got to see Sarah and Peter the oppressive heat

but it was so worth it!!
Then we saw my dear college friend Julia who even shared Gelato with G!

AND then we had the pleasure of spending some quality time on the farm with lots of family and Uncle Jim's menagerie of animals!
Dad, Uncle Jim and James went riding on Sam Brown, Sylvester and Winnie!

William got his first ride on Winnie...despite all the practice on the arm of the couch...he was less  than prepared for this moment...

Cousin Emma and her horse Winnie

Cousins William and G with 2nd cousins Emma and baby Colby!
 On our last day at the farm my dad's cousin showed up with 6 of her 8 beautiful daughters...
Gunnar was quite smitten with Gracie!

Emma with Sam Brown

Troy and Winnie

Annie and Mary with Sylvester

Sweet miniature donkey: Jewel

Sweet Olivia hugging Sylvester

and Katie with Buddy Boy!
We were so blessed to get to see so many people that we know and love!!

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