Thursday, August 4, 2011

And we're BACK!

...after two long delightful weeks with family and friends on the East Coast...Gunnar and I are finally Home Sweet Home!

It's a little daunting to do a complete catch up of our action packed two week vacay in one blog I think I will break it down into a couple entries over the next few days.

Some of the highlights were:
  • Spending lots of time with Nana and Grandpa
  • Spending lots of time with Aunt Erika, Uncle James and Cousin William...and even catching a glimpse of Cousin #2 (via ultra sound!)
  • Gunnar learned to climb the stairs
  • A visit to Yale to see where Grandpa worked
  • 2 more teeth (on the top) for Baby G
  • A day trip to NYC, seeing lots of friends
  • Taking William to see "Annie Jr"
  • Spending quality time on the W Family Farm 
  • Spending time with 2nd Cousins Colby and Emma
  • A day trip to DC, seeing lots of friends
  • G's first tastes of ICE CREAM and gelato
We fell right back into the swing of things since returning home! I am prepping for the start of rehearsals for my upcoming show and today I had a phone interview for teaching theater classes with a Chicago based theater company!  Gunnar is continuing to learn how to manipulate his huge hands (we discovered they are huge even compared to cousin Colby who is 3 months older) and is starting to figure out feeding himself...even though 95% ends up on the floor or in the pocket of his bib...I have decided it's less about eating and more about practicing the art of feeding oneself...and when I look at it that way I'm far less stressed about the fact that he's not very talented at this art form YET. Silly big hands are always getting in the way.

 More to come...

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  1. OMG! your little one is so cute :) Gotta post some pics of my little guy too.. always seem to miss that part in my blog. :)