Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holy Mess!

Seriously...I love my child! I love him so much! But we have definitely approached that phase of babiness when I'm beginning to think he's a little gross sometimes.  Please don't judge...
I have a thing...
about mush...
especially cold mushy, CREEPS me out.
And lately...well my child has been covered in cold mushy stickiness...well him and his chair, and my floor and anything else he might have touched before I hosed him/everything down...YUCK!! I'm really much better about it now than I was as a nanny...probably because it's my child...but I'm still grossed out. And I have a hard time watching him eat...I just can't wait to wash his face and his hands and make him squeaky clean and kissable again.
I'm hopin I'll get used to it and soon it won't be a big deal...but every day, several times a day I am gag worthy disgusted by my own that's sad.

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