Friday, August 2, 2013

Cute phrases of late by G

Talking on his Croc shoe which he is pretending to be his phone in the backseat of the car (long ride):

"Oh Hi Stegosaurus!! It's me Gunnar! I've been thinking and...Yes...Blue...That's Right!"

"Hey Baby Bunny name is Gunnar Miles and I've just been here with my okay bye!"

"Hi Calliou! Do you know where we are going? (squeals!!) Oh good!"

With anything that might resemble a microphone:

"Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! I give you....blehbluhblarn!!!"

Stalling before bed time (said in a sing-songy tone):

"Mommy! I'm going to tickle your baaaaaack!" (giggles as he does it)
"I'm going to tickle your chi-n!" (giggles as he does does mommy)
"I'm going to tickle your books!" (giggles as he tickles the books sitting next to us!)

"Mommy! I'm going to give you nosekino kisses!" (giggles while giving me eskimo kisses)
"Mommy! I'm going to kiss your mouth!" (grabs my face, kisses me "romantically"...)
"Mommy! I'm going to give you butterfly kisses!" (grabs my face and presses his eyes to my lips and flutters his lashes)
"Mommy! I'm going to give you EAR Kisses!" (non-stop giggles as he presses his ear against mine!)