Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 Little Steps...

After a traumatic day of diaper malfunctions, scary shower heads and many tears...
I set him down in front of me (while chatting on the phone with my mom)
and to my surprise
he stood
f o u r
     s t e p s
          f o r w a r d.

*and now Gunnar's Mother is the one shedding tears (of pride and joy).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Actor vs. Crafter

My two current professions are currently battling it out vying for my attention.
Currently crafting is winning in a major way.
My Etsy shop has SKY ROCKETED since I listed the Owl Halloween Costume I made for Gunnar 14 days ago. Since then my costume has over 1200 views and 30 admirers (a personal shop record!) I have sold SIX costumes and 2 hats from this listing and my shop is on a serious ROLL...I've had at least one sale in my shop every day for the last 14 days (when usually I only see maybe a sale or two per week).  My shop has garnered nearly $800 this month...which is a record HIGH by $400...AND the month isn't even over yet! My house is in constant disrepair and my life has been increasingly crazy because of this...but I am thrilled to be making major contributions to our income as of lately!

My acting career, on the other hand...could be going better. Don't get me wrong...I just closed one of my favorite productions to date and kicked off my Chicago acting debut with a killer role! But I'm in the "closed show blues" state of mind and constantly searching for the next gig... and well, there isn't a lot out there. Luckily I've scored a callback for a production I'd kill to be a part of and another audition tomorrow...but other than these two shows the pickings are slim and very far between.
The audition postings in the last 2 weeks have consisted of: "Seeking children actors",  "Seeking Male actor over the age of 40", "Seeking 3 Male actors over the age of 30", "Seeking 2 african american Male actors", "Seeking African American Dancers", "Seeking male 40+", etc.  I am just SICK to DEATH of seeing all of these shows with 90% male performers on the audition postings. WHERE ARE THE FEMALE PLAYWRIGHTS? WHERE ARE THE FEMALE ROLES? Of course the one listing for women that was posted is auditioning when we will be in Madison celebrating Gunnar's Birthday...perhaps this is why my actor brain is shutting down a little and my playwriting brain is clicking on. If no one is writing plays for women...than I will. I've already got a new play in the works and I've got a lot of work cut out for me on this one...lots and lots of research lies ahead of me...if I can only find the time between cutting felt and stitching owls.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Charles!!

I couldn't be more proud to introduce to the world my new nephew....Charles Lincoln.
Born on October 8th, 2011
 weight: 8 lbs 4 oz
length: 19.5 inches
with the most beautiful head of auburn hair!!

My sister was a complete champion. Enduring 10 long days past her due date...
Big Brother William is a proud new brother!

I just can't wait to meet him in person! If only they didn't live so far away.

I can't believe that my parents (who had 2 girls) are now grandparents to THREE grandsons under the age of 3!!! Amazing! What fun these boys will have together!