Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 Years!

This is WAY over due!!!  Gunnar turned 2 over a month ago....and I've been too crazy busy to sit down and reflect on it....but here we go...

We had 2 great celebrations for Gunnar, one on his actual birthday and one the day after Thanksgiving when both sets of grandparents were in town.

On Gunnar's birthday daddy took the day off and we rode the choo-choo train (the El) to the Lincoln Park Zoo and then met friends at Lickety Split, a sweet shop in Edgewater.

Two weeks ago Gunnar had his 2 year check up and here's what we learned:

* Gunnar jumped up 10% in weight!! He's now in the 20th percentile (way to go G!!)
* He's still at the 50th percentile for height
* 90th percentile for head circumference

Dr. T was SUPER impressed with his language skills especially that he was stringing words together to form sentences and even learning some Spanish. She said without question he has the verbal skills of a 3 year old.
She was even more impressed with his emotional maturity. She acknowledged his ability to follow directions and accept what was going to happen next. This is something I've always been amazed by with G. For example, if there is something he wants and I say "just a minute" he very often tells himself "patience" to calm himself down. Dr. T said this emotional maturity was easily that of a 4 year!

So proud of my little man and who is growing up to be. I can't believe its been 2 years already...but they've been the best 2 years I have ever known...getting to spend every day with G is a daily gift from God. I am so blessed.

Gunnar and his girlfriend Jo were adorable at Lickety Split

Gunnar got everything AND the kitchen sink for his bday! Lucky boy!

Leftover Pumpkin Pie for a cake? Why not!