Friday, August 19, 2011

Family, Tea & RAVINIA!!!

First of all I'd like to apologize for the infrequency of my posts lately.  I have far too many exciting things happening right now to take the time to post every day or even every other day.
I've started Rehearsals for my first show post-baby...and that has been extremely exciting, rewarding and fascinating. I feel like I am living the dream life...loving up my sweet child by day and doing my art by couldn't be more FULL! And in addition to that for the past month or so we've been sp fortunate to be able to see the better portion of my extended family!
Goddaughter (and cousin) Megan, Kira with Gunnar

Last week my Godmother (and aunt) came with her 3 children, including my Goddaughter which was so much fun. We spent hours and hours playing guitar hero, attended a Cubs game, went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and I enjoyed treating them to Dunkin-Donuts and ice cream from 7-11. We had so much fun...and Gunnar was in Heaven to have 3 beautiful blond girls and a cool teenage boy doting on him. 

Sometimes I worry that I won't have as much fun with my kids when they get older (because I've always been more of a baby person and fear I don't know how to interact with teens and tweens) but having my Nick (14), Megan (12) and Kira (10) around made it clear to me that it is a time to look forward to...We had so much fun! And they were so helpful with Gunnar and around the house (they even cleaned!)...and so polite! We definitely missed their presence when they left last Wednesday.

And then on Monday we were lucky enough to get my mom and grandma to come while John was away in Arkansas. We had a great time with them going to the Chicago Institute of Art, shopping downtown, and brunch at Tre Kroner (the Swedish Restaurant).  But yesterday's events took the cake...literally! What a day!

To start off, we took the "El" downtown to enjoy a leisurely High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel with mom, grandma ("Besta" to G), Aunt Lisa, Cousin Karin, Cousin Jessica and her newborn Dylan...all were there in celebration of Besta's 88th Birthday! The Lobby of the Peninsula was gorgeous and charming, the wait staff was very helpful and the food was amazing! The scones were my favorite (as usual).  Gunnar was a perfect Gentleman...sitting so quietly and patiently. Eventually I did let him crawl around on the carpet a little bit...which was probably a mistake because he bumped his head on the corner of a chair and got an instant bruise. But the waitstaff was soo sweet to bring ice and a darling Peninsula Teddy Bear to cheer him up! I was so taken a sweet of them. We took lots of generational pictures...but the most fun was putting the two babies together for a photo! Gunnar was so proud of himself to be "holding" baby Dylan and was grinning from ear to ear and giving him kisses and then trying to suck Dylan's hand...we got quite a laugh out of it all!

Besta and two of her great-grandsons

Four Generations

Cousin Karin, Besta and Aunt Lisa

Note the Bell Bear that the waitstaff gave Gunnar

kisses for Baby Dylan

"You have a hand too! These are so good...can I try yours?"

Directly after tea we loaded ourselves back on the "El" and headed back toward home where we met up with Gunnar's Auntie Kerry who was babysitting for the night; as the rest of us got in the car and drove up to Ravinia to see "The Lord of the Rings: Live in Concert". We picnicked on the lawn and sat in chairs we brought. The concert was performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Lakeside Singers, The Chicago Chorale, The Chicago Children's Choir and Soprano Kaitlyn Lusk and Alto Henry Griffin (age 11) who performed in sync with the screening of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" on the screen above them. I was amazed by the spectacle of it all...I was a little sad that we couldn't see the symphony/choirs from where we sat, we could only see the screen. And I was so intrigued by how the whole thing was put together. I couldn't imagine the immense pressure the conducter must he had to keep his eyes on an orchestra, 3 choirs, 2 soloists, his score AND stay in perfect timing with the film above the heads of them all. I also couldn't figure out why some of the voices didn't match the actors and wondered if they had to re-dub everything to take out the score for it to be played live. In any was fascinating and beautiful. I was extremely impressed with the performers especially the young boy soloist, Henry Griffin, who has such a pure and crystal clear voice.

What an incredibly packed and fun-filled day!

Now as everyone left this morning...I must get back to the grind and work on lines...hopefully during naps.

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  1. I'm SOOO glad I was able to make it for tea! What a wonderful afternoon :)And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these pictures. G was cracking me up when he was "holding" D.