Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Signs...

We had a CRAZY day around here...I mean crazy!!!

There was absolutely NO napping what-so-ever...despite about 23 attempts (okay maybe not that many but isn't it fun to over exaggerate? I do it a lot!!!!)

I think this might have been due to the fact that Gunnar slept in until 10am today (and no this is NOT an over exaggeration like the previous comment)...YEP not going to let that happen EVER again...

And then we did some extra long NAKED time (which is always fun until he pees or poops on the floor, both of which occurred today!)

And then since we already made such a mess we figured the kid is going to need a bath tonight...why not let him EAT naked (okay he had a diaper on) but he enjoyed his hot dog and BEANS (his favorite) and used them as body paints and hair gel!! FABULOUS!!!

So NOW please enjoy viewing our NAKED son decorated in Bean juice from head to toe while he shows you some of the baby signs he knows:

"MORE" finger tips together

"PLEASE" hand to heart...Gunnar gestures with both to emphasize how much he wants whatever he's asking for.

"BANANA" pealing the finger...this is not a very good representation...and Gunnar sort of does his pealing backwards but I know what he's saying and it's too cute to correct!

"SORRY" rubbing fingers to heart...Gunnar says this to the kitties a lot and to me today after he pooped on the floor, unprompted!

"ALL DONE!!" Waving hands away! Gunnar likes to say this one but then changes his mind and keeps eating....argh! 
I think this is just "MORE" again...

"EAT" Fingers to lips...Gunnar lets us know when he's hungry!

Bean juice hair gel...I think this could catch on! It adds a nice auburn color to the hair!

This is Gunnar saying "NIGHT NIGHT!" his  own creation of two handed bye bye.

Bean eyeshadow...very becoming! I always wanted a shadow that gave my lids the appearance of warts!

When I asked Gunnar to show me "ICE CREAM" he decided to show me the way a cat might eat it first....

but then he showed me the actual sign..."ICE CREAM" lick the hand! We use a sound affect with this one...sort of sounds like a dog panting...which always gets Gunnar giggling!!
He knows a few more like "HOT","Milk" and "Cracker" but those are harder to capture on camera. But we hope you enjoyed our messy don't you want to just go and jump in a bath? I do! Gunnar did!


  1. Signing is great. Isaac still signs even though he is the most well-spoken three year old I've ever met. He used it to add emphasis. Last night he was signing "Stop" to the dogs who were playing...I think we'll have to teach our next dogs signs consistent with ASL.

  2. This is ADORABLE!!!! The "please" thing with both hands is TDF as is the apology for pooping on the floor!