Wednesday, February 9, 2011

valuable lessons

Putting Gunnar to bed at 9:30 isn't saving him any sleep, in fact he's loosing sleep. And I'm not saving any either.
When we put him to bed for the night around 7:00-7:30 for the last 2 weeks he's slept a consistent 6 hours before waking for his first feeding. But this meant that I was getting less sleep because I'd be getting up twice now, 1am and 4am to feed him. So I thought if I pushed it to around the time I go to bed we'd get the same amount of sleep. I was wrong!
He's still waking up at 1:30 which means now he's only sleeping 4 hours straight. Ugh!
What happened to my good sleeper?
I guess we're going to try going back to 7pm. I'm hoping if I can get him to nap more consistantly that will lead to better sleeping at night again. We'll see.
But now I'm exhausted. Haven't felt like this since the first week after Gunnar was born. The most I got was 2 straight hours last night. (MUST GO TO BED EARLIER AND NOT BE TEMPTED TO ORDER FREE PRINTS FROM SHUTTERFLY AT 10pm just because you got an email saying the coupon ends tomorrow.)
ALSO...When your 12 week old baby wakes up at 5:45am, only 1 hour after he ate, and your husband asks if he should go get him, think twice.
What was I thinking???
In hindsight I realize he probably just woke up and couldn't figure out how to get back to sleep. All he really needed was to be rocked back to sleep. But instead poor tired baby is really awake after daddy changed his diaper and clothes, and mommy is desperately tired.
After dropping John off at the train to work, this mommy is going back to bed. Let's hope little Gunnar (sleeping in his carseat, finally) stays asleep for at least another hour.


  1. I remember that feeling!!! And I remember too that putting them to be earlier, they sleep longer. Sleep begets more sleep. It will get real better soon, I promise!

  2. This is my life. Still. Down to the late nights brought about by website coupons.