Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well, day 1 down.
And I have:

1. Successfully listed an item on Etsy
2. Dusted the house and finished the laundry (as per new cleaning schedule)
3. prepped many new items to make for etsy
4. Got Gunnar to take one successful 2 hour nap in his crib this afternoon.

Not bad so far...and no money spent today!!


  1. I, too have a cleaning schedule! It makes me able to enjoy my free time (what little I have of it) because I'm not constantly feeling like the whole house needs attention.

    Great work today! But remember, baby steps! No worries if you don't get quite as much accomplished as you hope to. Oh, and I highly recommend adding "given"s to your list - shower, eat lunch, use the bathroom, etc. That way you can check things off the list and feel like you've really gotten a lot done! :-D

  2. Thanks Kelly! I totally added eat lunch to my to do list today. Glad I did, because I often forget to do it and it sure felt good to cross it off!

    Luckily, if I get to the gym...I get to take a shower and get ready while the babysitters watch Gunnar. So that happens whenever I actually make it to the gym!