Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working hard on Saturday

Today I prepped about 16 new items for my etsy store. Basically that means I have 16 items ready to be appliqued, which I do by hand. My goal is to finish one project every having things prepped makes it easy to just sit down in front of the tv, after putting Gunnar to sleep, and sew away. It's kind of relaxing in a way.

Prepping is a very messy project so the house kind of looks horrible right now. But at least I know it's clean underneath all the scraps of fabric and crafts scattered across the apartment, thanks to my cleaning schedule. But I have to confess...I didn't do the floors on Friday...and I am kind of glad because there are bits of fabric all over I am just going to add floors to tomorrow's list.

Today was John's food "cheat day"...which usually means I eat pretty poorly too. We went to Chili's for lunch and had Lou Malnati's pizza for dinner. Ugh.
Some of you asked if I'd dieted along with my exercising at the YMCA.  The answer is NO. But, I eat pretty healthy foods from day to day and what I eat (especially when it comes to breakfast and lunch) rarely changes much.  So what do I eat?

Oatmeal and grapefruit juice

Yogurt (Activia) and an Omelet (usually with ham, cheese and spinach)

Snacks: nuts, apples & peanut butter

Dinner: usually something carnivorous due to John's "Primal eating habits"  but Dinner really varies

Before Bed: An ice cream cone (the cone is for portion control because I could and would scoop myself 5 scoops)...or dark chocolate.  I never deprive myself from my sweets!

And if I feel like stopping by Starbucks and getting a latte and a pumpkin loaf, I do it. I guess I'm sort of a "everything in moderation" kind of girl, this allows me to have what I love.

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  1. Wow, it is crazy how similar we are, reading your blog. Even the food stuff. I have two breakfasts I alternate and one is oatmeal (I have milk though, not juice with it). When I stick to about this food plan, and I work out, I'm pretty petite. For me though, up until recently, the nursing made me way hungrier than usual. Now that my appetite has leveled off I really need to get back to my routine. And that should include working out... but just when your post inspired me to hit the gym, I saw a thread on my mommy list serve about a stomach bug going around the area. So I think I'm going to hold off until it's officially March.