Monday, February 28, 2011

February Goals: Wrap Up

So it might be the last day of February, but I finally got around to the rest of my February Goal  Yes, I am a major procrastinator...I know.

RECAP: February Goals...
1. I'm going to make a cleaning schedule in effort to keep the house more clean.

2. I'm going to challenge myself to list ONE item on my etsy shop every day this month.

3. I'm going to attempt to NOT SPEND any extra $$ for the entire month of February...(We all know I failed at this one over a week ago.)

4. To write a rough draft of the children's book I want to write.

5. To contact several schools about coming to teach a workshop/masterclass for their acting students sometime this spring.

So today I attempted to contact several Chicago colleges to offer acting workshops free of charge to their theater students. I called Loyolla and Concordia and was given names and emails of who to send information I composed an email with all of the information about myself and the workshops I could potentially offer. Once I had that email I figured...why not send it to a few other schools??? So I found emails online to North Park University and University of Illinois, Chicago and sent the same email along to their theater departments. So, I'll be anxious to see if I get any responses from these people...I'm so glad I got to check that off of my Goals list.

And I may not have completed a rough draft of my children's book today...BUT, I did finally get started. I officially have 7 sentences down. Hmmm...not great, but it's a start and I'm going to take it.  I will pass this Goal on to March...even if I only write one sentence a day...I should be able to finish this sucker!

As far as Goal's #1 and #2...Success!! I have not missed listing an item on etsy since listing this goal, and my cleaning schedule has been AMAZING! Yes, I missed a few days here and there but I was able to catch up on surrounding days. I really hope I can keep up this schedule. It's been amazing. The best part is the house is generally much cleaner and I don't have to work so fact I'm mostly spot cleaning these days.

As for Gunnar, today was challenging. He had another rough morning. I'm not sure if it's because I had to wake him to take daddy to the train, or what...but he was soooo fussy all morning. His naps were short lived and nothing I could offer him would make him happy. Finally, I was able to get him down for a long afternoon nap around 1pm. He slept for 2.5 hours and the Gunnar that woke up was my happy boy again.
My Grumpy boy this morning

I couldn't even get him to smile
But he was ALL SMILES by the time Daddy came home!

He's the Joy of my Life!!!

I'm very excited that a shop owner in Georgia contacted me today and wants to order 15 of my owl t-shirts from my etsy site.  Of course I don't have the sizes and colors she's looking for so it's going to be a custom order. This is going to be a lot of work...but it's money. And I feel honored to know that my shirts will be sold at a boutique somewhere in Georgia!! Too cool!

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  1. These pics are TDF! He is SUCH a cutie!

    Are you near North Park? That's where Mark's entire family except him went to college. If you're anywhere near there, and being into the Scandinavian thing, you guys have GOT to eat at Tre Kronor for brunch or lunch. It's a little authentic Swedish cafe (Mark's family is Swedish). The have THE BEST stuff, and save room for dessert!