Friday, February 11, 2011

When to give him his arms back???

Here's Gunnar with one of his favorite toys (The Winkle Toy)! He can really hold on to this one and loves to stick it in his mouth.

So Day 4 of the new cleaning schedule and I've now learned my least favorite cleaning day...Floor day. Ugh! This took FOREVER! First I had to vacuum the two bedrooms (and I hate my vacuum...if anyone has an inexpensive vacuum that they love and has lasted longer than 2 years, please share...I have yet to find a vacuum that doesn't inspire rage and profanity). Then I had to sweep the 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, the living dining room, den and hallways. Then I had to swiffer dry to pick up all the kitty hair and finally swiffer wet to mop those floors. Exhausting!! It took me the duration of Gunnar's afternoon nap to get it all done. And the worst part know you missed a spot, and you know it's going to be dirty within hours (after all you can't prevent the cats from shedding or food from falling to the floor).
But it feels good to have it all done.

So now I pose a question to the universe...
To all you mothers out there, what's your take on the swaddle?
When should I give Gunnar back his arms? Last night was not as successful in sleep but the one time he was able to put himself back to sleep was when he snuck one of his hands up out of the swaddle to suck on his 2 middle fingers.  So at what point do most mothers transition from swaddle to sleep sack??


  1. granted I just posted on facebook but are you giving him a nuk at all? My kids loved theirs and I took Riley's away when she was 2.5yrs. We made a big production out of it and the pappy fairy came and left her VERY special treats under her pillow. But first she had to walk around the house and put all her pappys in a bag and then put the bag under her pillow. I thought she was going to open it and take one out but she didn't. She just laid in bed and cried herself to sleep and when she woke up and saw her special treats she NEVER asked for one again. She knew the fairy took her pappys to the new babies at the hospital.

  2. Another thought on the cleaning...I was just introduced to Melealuca. It is a natural cleaning product(they have everything). Basically if the kids would happen to drink some of it, it would not hurt them. With my kiddos crawling and rolling around on the floor all day I didn't want them in all those nasty chemicals. Also one of those shark steam cleaners is is just water and still sanitizes the floor with no chemicals.

  3. Gunnar won't take a nuk. I've tried. I try every day...I offer it to him. But he acts like it is choking him and he screams and screams. I can tell he needs to suck...but the only thing he'll take is my finger, his fingers or my breast...
    Know of any tried and true secrets for making a baby like the nuk? I'm having the same problem with the bottle...which is a whole other can of worms.

  4. Two comments:

    I have a Kenmore Progressive (I think) canister vacuum, I love it! It wasn't cheap, but I truly believe my life is be better now that I have it.

    I also use the Libman Freedom mop to avoid the chemicals in Swiffer. It lets you put in your own cleaner and I put in a 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar solution.

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  6. love your posts, kirstin.. and your cleaning schedule! i hate cleaning floors, too!!

    baby stuff: all three of my children sucked fingers and thumbs. they all quit by the time they started kindergarten. none of them suffered for it. i think it's better to let nature take over and not worry about it. they can sense our tension, which is probably worse than sucking a finger.

    swaddling: i had to use the old fashioned blanket to swaddle my babies. for the first few weeks, i propped them on their side for sleeping. (i have HUGE disagreements about them sleeping on their backs, but that's a whole 'nuther discussion!) since i was using the blanket, they remained swaddled until they could work themselves out of it. they would begin sleeping swaddled, and as they gained strength and wanted to use their arms and legs, they worked their way out of the swaddle. i guess i'd be concerned about keeping them swaddled in unmercifully. i'm a fan of letting nature take its course...

  7. My kids used the swaddle for a LONG time! Definitely until they had to be weaned from it because they started to roll back-->tummy and then it was a safety issue. I wouldn't rush things if it is giving him better sleep at night. You can try not using it for a night and see how it goes, but ventually they lose that "startle reflex" and they do okay without it. Maybe he's just not there developmentally quite yet.

    I'm a big fan of my new Eureka Steam Mop because it gets so hot that it removes dried mashed banana (and the like) from the floor...with no chemicals - just water! I do know that floors can be a huge pain, though. Our whole house is hardwood, so I need to sweep, then mop every room and then vacuum area rugs. It's very time consuming! Wednesday is my day for floors, so I'll think of you next time. :-)