Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Started

So...here goes nothing.
12 weeks and 1 day ago I became a mother...to Gunnar Miles Hammergren, love of my life.
The first 12 weeks have been exhausting, fun, exciting and memorable...
But I discovered as a stay at home mother of 1...I wasn't getting much accomplished with my day. And it made me wonder how my mother was able to do so much with 2, or how other mothers could bake pies, write novels, work out, put dinner on the table and run successful at-home businesses while caring for their 4 beautiful children.
How is this POSSIBLE??
When I struggle to get out of my pajamas and make myself a bowl of cereal.
So in an effort to try to get more accomplished with my day...I've decided to start a blog about the process. Hopefully this will be a reflective place where I can learn from my mistakes and in writing everything down I'll be a little more productive? Ha! Fat chance...
But here's to trying anyways.

So I'm setting myself some Goals for the month of February:

1. I'm going to make a cleaning schedule in effort to keep the house more clean. (I'm working on the schedule today and will post what I've decided on later).

2. I'm going to challenge myself to list ONE item on my etsy shop every day this month. That means I've got to get my butt in gear and list something today.

3. I'm going to attempt to NOT SPEND any extra $$ for the entire month of February...with only a few exceptions:
*Valentines Day
*Meals out with John on his cheat day (when he's not on his diet)
*Anything bought with a gift card
*Movie Sundays (if they ever happen again...but I can only buy tix for the movie)

4. To write a rough draft of the children's book I want to write.

5. To contact several schools about coming to teach a workshop/masterclass for their acting students sometime this spring.

WHEW! THose are a lot of goals! But I'm going to do my best to accomplish them...and I'll let you know how they're going on a daily basis.

As for Gunnar...
Well he's as cute as a button. Happy as can be. Discovering his fingers and really holding onto toys and playing with them. Today we're going to try to get him on a better nap schedule. So far our naps have been:
7:30-9:15 (1 hr, 45 min)
10:15-10:45 (30 min)

We're going to try for another nap here soon!! And then maybe mommy can get going on these goals!!

Here's a picture of us Today!!


  1. Sending you love and support on this incredible journey, Kirstin - gosh, it helps that he's ridiculously cute.

  2. Phew, that's a LOT of goals!!! I'm cheering you on. Let me know when I can help babysit so you and John can have a date night :) Love you!

  3. Good luck, dear. I'm waiting for tips from you, because I haven't figured it all out yet. Love you!

  4. It only gets easier...and believe it or not schedules really do work. If I don't have one I am a mess and a half!! Good luck and you will do it and be successful!! Whatever you do take time for yourself...a happy mommy is a happy family!!

  5. Love the new photos of Gunnar and also the one that came in mail today - looking fwd to the 2 cousins getting a few days together!! Love, Dad

  6. You are extremely ambitious for a new mommy :) You and your baby are adorable, and I hope you get/got to accomplish all of these things :)