Thursday, February 24, 2011

A great day!

Annie was so right when she sang "the sun will come out tomorrow"...though I didn't see much sun, (it was quite overcast here in Chicago) I did see my happy "son" again!
We had such a great day today. He took several great naps and when he was awake we read stories, played on the floor and visited with friend Annika and her adorable boys and even got to see Auntie Kerry for tea!

Gunnar was all smiles today, in fact I don't think I've ever seen him squeal with laughter as much as he did during a fun game of Peek-a-boo today! Too stinkin' cute!! I think it's days like I had yesterday that make me value days like today even more.  So inspite of them, I'm grateful for the bad days...they put the good days in perspective. And I know there will be MANY bad days...(I'm most scared for the day when Gunnar actually throws up...not spit up but real food...vomit terrifies me). 

Since dropping "No Spend February" I've added a new make at least one etsy item per day along with listing one item per day.  So there are new listings daily on my etsy site, for those of you who are interested check out the link to my store on the right.

This weekend I'll be working on a give-away item for
Operator Melissa found me through etsy and asked if I would supply a free item for her site...which I will be doing soon, so stay tuned to see what it is!  In the mean time, check out her site! It's a pretty cool way to get fun, free things!

In other news...I have spring fever. BAD. It takes a few months of cold Chicago weather for me to truly appreciate the warmth we left behind in Florida.  I'm aching for a visit to Sarasota.  And Gunnar would love to get some Vitamin D soaking in the sun with this cute hat!

Anyone up for a trip to Florida with us? And could we borrow your private plane to get there? Thanks!

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