Monday, February 21, 2011

My skinny boy...

I'm a onesie kinda guy
So I've come to this realization that Gunnar just can't wear pants. They don't fit. They fall off. He has such a skinny waist that even the newborn pants I put on him yesterday (that are far too short) barely stay on.  So I've decided...why mess with pants? I'm always yanking them up and pulling his shirts down...
So until either a) he chubs out or b) I find pants with adjustable waists
He's a onesie, overall, sleeper kinda guy.
My long skinny baby.  Takes after his papa, I guess!

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  1. I really think pants for babies are worthless! Matthew definitely came "chubbed out" and stayed that way, and we've never been able to put him in pants because it's uncomfortable to have pressure around his tummy. I thought maybe he'd grow out of it, after the newborn stage was over and his digestive tract was better developed. But just the other day I had him in pants and he was fussy until I took them off. Pajamas (with feet, please!) are all I'm interested in.