Sunday, February 27, 2011

All in time for Oscars...

What a day! Ugh! I have been cleaning, prepping and caring for G non-stop from 9am-7:30pm...but everything is officially checked off my list (with the exception of this blog) just in time to enjoy the Oscars with my sister and brother-in-law.

I realized while cleaning today that I am a neat freak minimalist trapped inside a collecting, messy shopper's body.  I mean, I want things neat tidy put away...organized and in there place, but I rarely, if ever, put things right away back in their place.  I don't want to have too many things, but I love to shop and hunt for bargains...I also like to stock up on things. So I'm perpetually at war with myself, with my things and the world around me. I strive for perfection and organization but every time I go shopping I have to find a home for that new item and "should" get rid of something else.

But, I'm married to a man that hates to get rid of anything. I put two cheap fleece blankets in the "goodwill" pile today and he freaked out. He was insisting that the blankets had to stay because they were "soft" and "cozy".  Nevermind that we have a whole trunk filled with 15 blankets that we never use, getting rid of these 2 was not okay because "in ten years when we need another blanket we'll have to spend $40 for a blanket that we gave away."  What kind of argument is that?  Why keep something if we won't use it for 10 years????!!! Aggghhh!!! So this is why I generally don't tell my husband what I'm giving away. But it doesn't matter, no matter how much I give away...I never have the feng shui, clean organized home I so desire.

All that house is finally livable again tonight thanks to my husbands constant help and my determination to get it all done. Not only did the house get clean...but I prepped 20 more items for etsy and completed the covers for the bins in Gunnar's room.  These turned out pretty cute.  Last weekend we bought a bookshelf from ikea with 2 bins.  Unfortunately ikea only had PINK bins for sale...but I was determined to make them I covered them in fabric and iron appliqued a "G" for Gunnar on one and an "M" for Miles on the other. I also trimmed the top with the owl fabric that adorns Gunnar's crib and window. 

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