Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zoo Day!

At the zoo the lion and G sleep today
William and Gunnar, dinner @ Lincoln Square Brauhaus
William and the Leopard!
So thanks to Gunnar's almost 9 hours of straight sleep last night...I woke up feeling great without feeling the need to go back to bed! (I could get used to this!)  But G, as usual wanted to sleep quite a bit more in the morning which gave me an opportunity to get moving on my to do list.
I have to say...I'm quite impressed with myself for following through with the cleaning schedule and goals even with my family here.  I even went to the gym today (Dad tagged along with a YMCA guest pass).

We took a trip to the zoo today. The Lincoln Park zoo. We got a late start so we really didn't get to see too much...but we did see the monkeys, the gorillas and chimps, the tigers, a leopard and the lions. This was our first trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo and I can't wait to go back.  Because:
a) it's Free
b) it's clean
c) there's a lot more to see
And I believe we'll get a membership eventually.  For $100 it will allow us to park there for free for the whole year (which is worth it since parking $17 a pop). And we can park there when we want to go to the lake in the summer or go for a picnic in the spring.

We met up with friend Annika and her adorable boys, which is always fun! Gunnar, however, saw none of the zoo...or rather he woke up for a moment (maybe 30 seconds) in front of the lion enclosure and went straight back to sleep.  I guess he probably wouldn't have really remembered it anyway.

After observing Annika with her boys and my parents with William I've made note of what to bring with me to the zoo once Gunnar is a little older:

* Maclaren Umbrella Stroller or when there's more than one a Maclaren Twin Stoller
Munchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary* Munchkin snack Catchers (good for snacks on the go without spilling everywhere)
* Munchkin sippy cups (good for milk, water or juice for thirsty babies)
Patemm Pad - Blue Signature Circles* Patemm Changing pad (my sister got me one of these and they are amazing! Diapers and wipes tuck inside the corners and it's easy to wipe down. Great to use anywhere, especially when changing tables are absent...Though Annika reminded me that having a boy has it's perks when they're old enough to aim...bushes and trees work just as well...wink wink! LOL!!)

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  1. I actually have that specific stroller and I love it! It maneuvers so easy and that one reclines which is important to me.