Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Slippery Slope

The thrift shop Robeez and the receipt for the "stroller purchase"'s officially over. No Spend February has been squashed, smashed and obliterated. That fine slippery slope that started on Friday with the purchase of one little Latte, which led to the purchase of $5 Robeez (brand new!!) for Gunnar at our local thrift store yesterday...which lead to the ultimate sliding slope mega purchase of a City Mini Stroller (hey, it was on clearance...a floor model for $65 off) at Buy Buy Baby today.  And what's worse? Oh it didn't end there...we then proceeded to go to IKEA, yes. IKEA. Where we purchased a new TV console (in the 'as is' department or as John likes to call it: 'the crap rack' for 40% off),  bookshelf/toy shelf for Gunnar's room and a few other various things.

 I'm not sure why...but I'm going to blame my husband for this. Probably because he allowed it all to happen. But the thing is...we've been meaning to get a stroller. We only have a snap n go. And soon we're going to need something better to push around the streets of Chicago.  Okay, I'll admit it was my idea to go to Buy Buy Baby to look at all of the strollers. But my intention was just to get a feel for what we like so that we could keep our eye out for sales, look on craigslist, thrift shops, etc. I really had no intention of walking out with a stroller. But...we sort of fell in love. Especially with how easy this stroller is to fold and how small it is when folded. This stroller actually takes up less space in the trunk of our car than the snap n' go does. And John really felt like it would work for jogging as well as everyday.  There was only one floor model and we really didn't want to pass up the deal.

So there you have it.  It's all over.  I blew it. We blew it....big time. But I did manage to not spend any additional money for almost 2 weeks. That's something, I guess.  I'm sort of glad...because I've been wanting to get some more supplies for my etsy shop, so now I guess it'll be okay to do that.  Maybe I should have a more realistic goal for next No Starbucks...or something.

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  1. We absolutely love our City Mini, but didn't like it at all for running. The wheels are small and there are no shocks, so it seemed like Piper felt every crack in the sidewalk and every bump on paved trails. Still love that it's lightweight and easy to fold!