Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Here's my sweet baby Valentine!

So for Valentine's Day Gunnar gave me the gift of 8 straight hours of sleep!!! The sleep sack was a winner two nights in a row!
And another sweet Valentine arrived this sweet nephew William!!!

My wonderful parents are visiting for the week and to my delight William got to come too! So we'll keep you posted about the fun week with cousins William and Gunnar!

I discovered my 2nd least favorite cleaning day: Kitchen scrub down. Uffda! That takes forever! And I didn't really tackle everything. If I had more time I would have washed the inside of the fridge too and I probably should have cleaned the oven as well.

This year for Valentine's day Gunnar and I got John photo calendars from Shutterfly. One for home and one for his desk at work. We are looking forward to a date tonight while grandma and grandpa stay at home to watch Gunnar and William!! Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


  1. Hi Kirstin --
    It sounds as if all is going very well for you.. he is an adorable baby, and you seem to be a great Mom already. I'm with you on the thumb sucking, I never used a pacifier with Robbie, and his teeth are perfect, as are is consonants, and some people think that the sucking reflex is inhibited by the pacifier, whereas nursing encourages good sucking, and proper breathing. blah blah the point being, babies are wonderful! You are making remember one of the happiest times of my life. love, Margaret