When it's cold and your bored...5 Fun Free things to do with BABY!!

When it's gloomy outside and you are trapped inside with a toddler...it might as well be snowing inside...

Here are some things we like to do together to "shake the gloom out":

1. Build a fort/tent with pillows and sheets, blankets and chairs. Play inside, read stories inside...and the best part when you're all done...(drum role please).....WRECK the TENT!!! Tear it down and LAUGH laugh laugh!

2. BAKE!! Have baby help dump ingredients in and stir...get's them interested in food that's for sure. When it's done sit down and have a hot cocoa party with your baked treats! (Think your toddler is too young? Think again: read more here)

3. Take a field trip to your local MALL! Not all malls have indoor play areas but most do...and they're free. Our favorite indoor play mall in Chicago is at Northbrook Shopping Center. They have this amazing tree house that is not only fun to play in but educational too! It's also completely enclosed with gates so you don't have to worry about your toddler sprinting off faster than you can follow.

4. LIBRARY Field trip! We are so lucky to have our local library branch right across the street. We go once a week to pick up new books, cd's and we often go to free programs offered for toddlers. We can also pick up FREE passes to Chicago museums which make for bonus FREE trips on boring cold days.

5. Dance Party/Band Jam!! This is Gunnar's favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. We crank up different kinds of music everyday...anything from Raffi to Disney to Rolling Stones to Hip Hop to Classical to Musicals...Reggae...whatever! If there's a beat we hit it...Gunnar has a drum set, shaky eggs, a tamborine and a xylophone. If he's not tapping one of those to the beat than he's bouncing, twirling, spinning or dancing his crazy hands up in the air...he'll even sing "LALALA"right along if you ask him to.  And I'm not joking when I say...we can do this for a solid hour! PARTY ON!!!!!


  1. Love it! My kids still remember putting on the soundtrack from Tarzan and dancing on our bed until everyone fell off.

  2. Stopping by from BloggyMoms! Blanket forts are so much fun and our toddler LOVES them!


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