Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baking with Baby

So after discussing our "food issues" with my aunt who is a nutritionist, we learned a few helpful tips about "Picky Toddler Eating".

Here's what she advised:

1. Don't make eating an issue.

2. Include something that he likes in each meal or snack.

3. Do not short order cook and play to food jags. Make what you are having, put it on his tray, when he starts messing around and is done, he is done with the meal.
Very common for good eaters to become picky at his age.

4. Nursing is good.  Breast milk makes up for lots of erratic eating.

5. Remember that portion size for him would be 1 tablespoon of maybe 3 foods at a meal. *1 T. per year of age. Start with that, if he eats it and wants more, give it to him.

6. Continue to offer a variety...takes 10-15 tries before he may try a new food.

7. Don't make a big deal out of food. It's nourishment and not a power struggle. Not worth it. Kids learn so fast that two things can really tick their parents off and create power and potty. Don't give them the power by letting yourself get angry about what they're eating or not eating.

8. Let him "help" you in kitchen....They love to stir and dump ingredients in and you would be surprised how much that increases interest in what they eat.

After utilizing this advice Gunnar has been a pro eater all week! In fact...tonight he ate CHICKEN!!! After trying "fish sticks" with much success we decided to try organic chicken nuggets to see if he would like those and they were a big hit! We've also had less throwing and playing...awesome!

But I really feel like Tip #8 was the biggest hit in this house! I don't know why I thought Gunnar (at almost 15 months) was too young to help me in the kitchen. His favorite game is to put "things" in other "things" so naturally baking has been a HOME RUN with Gunnar. I hold him while explaining the process and let him dump ingredients in the bowl. He likes to toss the empty egg shells in the sink when we're done with them, and knows that we have to wash our hands after touching the eggs. He helps me stir and joyously giggles and squeals with every new step!  

So far...Gunnar has helped me make: cupcakes, scones, and banana bread  
This has really made meal time so much more enjoyable!  Thanks Aunt Lisa... 

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  1. Baking with a 15-month-old? Wow! I would never have thought that could work! I have a 16-month-old who would love all the "putting one thing into another," and we've got some Valentine's Day baking to do. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll just keep my mop handy :)