Friday, December 2, 2011

Drinking and Weaning...

Okay moms of the world...I need your help.
I've been slowly trying to wean Gunnar since he is now over a year old. As of Thanksgiving we had cut back to 2 feedings (1 around 5am and 1 before bed).  But suddenly Gunnar has lost interest in drinking from his sippy cup. I've tried several different kinds and he shows most interest in straw cups...but still doesn't even finish one cup a day.  I fear he's not getting enough liquids. He's not really filling a diaper regularly and I can't seem to get him to drink milk at all. I can occasionally get him to drink apple juice/water mixed...but not nearly enough. Today I noticed his skin is excessively dry and started to actually nursed him a little this afternoon just to ensure he's getting some liquids.

Moms I need you help:
So what are your weaning tips?
What are you tricks for getting your wee ones to drink up?


  1. My kid is almost three and still isn't consistent with liquids. I read somewhere that as long as they pee at least once every eight hours, it's okay, so I've clung to that because I really get worried sometimes. Somedays Isaac drinks a ton and sometimes just a half of cup of milk with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good luck! I'll be interested to see if anyone else has suggestions.

  2. smoothies! Frozen fruit, mixed with what ever liquid you have. It tastes sweet and like a milk shake but is healthy!

  3. Kirstin, I would pay attention to the constipation rather than trying to keep track of how many wet diapers and how wet they are. If he's not constipated, he's still getting enough liquids. For what it's worth, M had the same issues - wasn't into sippie cups or milk when we weaned. I had the same worries but my dad said to just keep offering the sippie and only worry if he was constipated. He's never been constipated and he probably gets less than one sippie a day of milk, none of water. He gets a lot of fluid in the foods I serve - loves yogurt and also loves those Plum Organic veggie/fruit puree pouches. We still do the multi-vitamin (Poly-vi-sol with iron). He's the picture of health. And he even sometimes has pee-thrus in the morning - on just ONE sippie cup of milk!

  4. HI There! :) My son, Xavier, is 27 months old and Im still nursing 3 times a day...He seems to stay really well hydrated this way. But I also do fresh fruit smoothies with Whole Foods brand unsweetened almond milk(which he likes a lot) and fresh squeezed OJ diluted with water.