Tuesday, October 9, 2012

taking classes

I signed Gunnar up for his first class without mommy today...

Classes don't start until October 28th but I'm excited for him and I'm feeling really good about it.
My life has gotten so incredibly busy with my etsy shop and my theatre company and the show I'm currently working on...and the weather has rapidly changed to fall with fewer opportunities to play outside.  So when I looked at the early childhood programs offered at our YMCA I was excited to see they had several options for indoor learning without me. Many of the classes included parents (music, dance, etc) but I decided that it would be good to give Gunnar some practice at socializing without mommy in a classroom type environment...so I signed him up for "Discovering Fun" which covers a little bit of everything from art to dance to story time and music.

Now the question is...what should mama do with the 1.5 hours every Tuesday all to myself?


  1. Wow, do they let you leave during the class? Sounds like a fun class!