Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love Lillabarn

Here is an unsolicited post...I have not been asked to write about why I love this product, I have not been given anything in exchange for writing this is simply a post about why everyone should be buying Lillabarn products.  Here are 5 reasons why you should start buying clothes from this unique children's boutique brand:

1. Face to a Name. You know who is making your clothes. Yes, it's true, my dear friend Bergen is the founder and designer of Lillabarn.  And that is one of the first reasons I love this brand. And you may know Bergen if you know me, or you may not...but the point here is when you buy from Lillabarn you're supporting a person, a family, not a big name corporation but you are directly supporting a person...a person I know and love.  A person who is an artist.

2. Longevity. You want clothes that will last a long time without falling apart? You want clothes that can be versatile and used through multiple seasons? You want clothes that can grow with your child?
This is exactly what Lillabarn does so well. My children have been able to wear some of Lillabarn's pieces for over 1.5 years straight! Bergen brought us a pair of ninja pants as a gift when Margot was born that fit her well as a newborn and still fit her today (as a cropped version).  Bergen designed the Ninja pants to fit over cloth diapers but they also grow with your child. I commissioned a pair of ninja shorts for Gunnar 2 years ago that he wore as a 3 year old, that Margot can fit into now as a 1 year old, and I'm certain these will fit her for the next two summers!! These clothes last and wash well...Love, wear, wash, repeat!
Margot 3 weeks old in her Lilla ninja pants. She wore these last week at 13 months as capris. 

6 month checkup...Lillabarn leggings (and headband)
7 months later at 13 months still rocking the same leggings (and another lillabarn headband)
 3. LOCAL. These clothes are made locally in Chicago with some imported fabrics and some fabrics which have been a collaboration with US based fabric makers. How cool is that? When you buy a piece of Lillabarn know it was sewn together by Bergen herself...not outsourced.
This top was made with fabric designed by a local fabric designer. 

4. STYLE.  If your kids wear Lillabarn they are going to stand out wherever they go. They will be adorable and they will be unique.  When my children are wearing Lillabarn I can guarantee there will be compliments the second we step outside the door. I bumped into a local Chicago celebrity when both kids had on Lilla-gear and she said "you have the best dressed kids!" Well thank you Lillabarn!

5. Versatile and Unisex I love that these clothes walk a line between modern and vintage...modern patterns and vintage lines mean I can mix and match lillabarn clothes with almost anything in my kids wardrobe. Also a great deal of Lillabarn products work for both genders. I love this because I'm able to keep clothes that Gunnar wore and pass them down to Margot.  I also love that Lillabarn finds the most interesting fabrics and patterns that can appeal to both genders so kids can be kids and not labeled and put into neat little pink and blue boxes. 

So there you have Lillabarn. Support a local designer. Jazz up your kid's wardrobe And if you live in Chicago find Lillabarn at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend! I know I will!

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