Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playground Do's and Don'ts??

I'm out of practice with watching a child at the's been over 3 years since I was a nanny... and come to think of it... I never nannied a child between the ages of 1-2 years so I feel like I'm swimming in unfamiliar territory...and possibly drowning.

I want to give Gunnar his freedom and let him explore the playground but every other mother with a toddler seems to follow their child within an arms length...apologizing to other children and parents for their every mis-step.  So I feel like an ass if I don't follow suit...but, I mean, is this really necessary?
I don't know...I'm really asking...

Gunnar isn't really the pushy type and seems to follow most playground rules without even being taught them...he waits in line for the slide and generally works his way into every group of kids on the playground. He's a social guy...he doesn't need me cramping his style...does he?

The only thing I find the need to intervene with is if he hits (which he hasn't...yet) or he tries to take something that isn't his...this happens often...(so embarrassing).  But do I really need to walk around and apologize to every mother and child for my social butterfly who loves to meet kids?

My instincts tell me to give him some space. Is this wrong? I shorten my distance when I see potential danger and I keep a watchful eye (I'm not sitting back and texting) but I feel like I'm getting evil eyes from other I a horrible mom?

One thing I DO know is I need to start remembering to sanitize Gunnar's hands the instant we leave the park...

Today as we left I handed him a teething biscuit in the stroller for the walk back...only to find his hands covered in black dirt and biscuit crumbs when we got home...gross...MOMMY FAIL...

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  1. Look how much fun he's having! Stay away, unless he's in danger to himself or someone else. I always got looks from parents, too, but my kids were having the most fun on the playground.