Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gunnar's first Play!!!

I know what you're thinking. You took Gunnar to a play? Isn't he 18 months old? Were you thinking he'd actually sit through it all? Or sit quietly?
To be honest I didn't know what to expect. But when I heard Chicago Children's Theatre was Presenting A Brown Bear, a moon and a Caterpillar based on the beloved book of Eric Carle (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, A Very Hungry Caterpillar and Papa please get me the moon)...I had to look into to it. I wasn't sure if Gunnar was old enough but when I read that the play has a "No Shush" policy I was sold! A play kids can babble through? Amazing!
Just recently Gunnar has started saying "Brown Bear" and "Pillar" for two of his favorite books...I was pretty sure it would be a hit...
However, when we arrived in the theatre 20 minutes early...I started questioning whether this whole thing would pan out. Gunnar would not sit down with me...he took one look at all those stairs to climb in the theatre and took off! In the back of my mind I was thinking...how will he ever sit through 50 minutes!?!?! Finally when a cute little girl sat down next to us and offered Gunnar some squeezy applesauce he was smitten and agreed to sit with me until the lights went down...
And from there out it was all smiles from ear to ear...laughs...and of course naming everything he saw "Moon" "Sun!" "Apple" "Pillar" "Brown Bear!" "Meow" "Duck"...I have never seen Gunnar more mesmerized and completely ecstatic. After each little play Gunnar cheered and laughed and was always the last one shouting "YAY!!" I promise you everyone from the 6 month old behind me to the 8 year old and all the parents beside me were loving this show.
And to make it even more exciting at the end the puppeteers (who are from The Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia) came out to show us how it was all done!
And YES! Gunnar sat through the whole thing! And when it was all over he gave me hugs and kisses and said "Fun Mama! Fun!" It sure was...more theatres should adapt these kind of toddler appropriate plays that bridge all age groups. And if you live in Chicago...RUN and see this before it closes on Sunday!!! I'm so glad we did!

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