Monday, August 27, 2012

Gunnar's Day with Thomas!!!

Thanks to Auntie Kerry we learned that Thomas had come to town...or at least somewhat close to town...even if it was an hour was definitely worth a trip to see him.

Now Gunnar doesn't really know any of the other characters in Thomas and Friends...we only have 2 Thomas books and he hasn't seen the show. However Gunnar does have an entire Thomas train table in our basement complete with Brio trains and tracks and many different Thomas characters...he just calls them all Thomas. In fact, whenever Gunnar sees any train he'll usually shout out "Thomas!!"

I promise you Gunnar was just as excited as me...His first reaction when seeing Thomas was priceless "THOMAS!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!" 

So excited to ride Thomas!

He got a certificate saying he was a Jr.Engineer

seeing all the old train cars was a bonus...

Gunnar liked seeing the cabooses because he just learned about them in his new train book. 

Despite the unending was worth the drive all the way out to the Illinois Railway Museum...what a fun day!

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