Friday, August 3, 2012

The Joy of having a toddler...

I love being a mom.
But I think I've decided that I love being the mom of a toddler even more than being a mom of a baby.
It's just so much fun. And the love I share for him is somehow now perpetuated more by his new found ability to confirm his requited love for his "mama mommy".
I love how he'll come up to me and say "cuddle" when he wants a hug.
Or "mooch" or "kiss" when he wants a kiss.
How he'll wrap his little arms around my legs and confess: "LOVE!" he'll say and kiss my knee.
I love how he laughs at my stupid jokes and my silly dances...I'll do anything to hear him giggle.
I love singing songs with him and getting just as excited as he is when he points out numbers or letters or characters that he recognizes in stores or in books.
I love how he wants to read the same book over and over and over again...and how he can recite almost every one...but you'll only know if you "accidently" forget to read a word.
I love hearing him say new words everyday and watching his reaction when he sees my reaction after hearing him say a word I've never heard him say before. (This reaction has yet to be captured on film but it's one of my favorites where he clasps his hands over his mouth and does sort of a snorted chuckle  like, "I know!...can you believe I know that word? hardy har har!")
I love how whenever he sees someone with their hands folded together he shouts out "JOY!" because that's the sign for joy...and he then immediately says and signs the word "Soul" very sweetly as to sing the song "I've got Joy like a fountain in my soul"
This is such an amazing moment in his life...
and its so infectious and beautiful...
the "JOY" he has is something I wish I could bottle up in a jar and save forever...
carry it around with me forever and open it up to share with myself and others whenever it was needed...
it is truly that special...
I believe his JOY could rescue the loneliest soul from the deepest darkest depression.
This little boy is such a gift...


  1. Aaaaaah I feel the same way! I love mine more every day because there's more OF him to love, personality-wise. His latest is grabbing my cheeks with both of his hands and then passionately and deliberately kissing cheek, other cheek, lips, cheek, other cheek lips. He still only has a few words tho - jealous of your talker! This post also reminds me of one of your older posts where you went to the library and weren't into being surrounded by toddlers... I totally related to that. Now that I have one I don't know if my perspective changed or what, or maybe once he's "really 2" I'll have more frustrations, but so far I'm with you: I love it. Thanks too BTW for your comment on my blog... love hearing that people like the name - hardly anyone has said anything!!

  2. Kirstin, you are the best Mummy! Gunnar is so lucky to have you xx