Monday, September 26, 2011

growing out of baby

"Will you be sad when Gunnar turns 1? When he is no longer a baby?" I'm not sure why but this question Kelly asked me has stuck with me...even though she asked it nearly 3 months ago.

YES. Oh god.

 I'm sure every mother mourns the end of her baby's first year (well except for maybe the rare colic ridden child) It just doesn't seem possible that 10 months have come and gone so quickly and now I'm suddenly contemplating what to do for Gunnar's first birthday party.  Last week we took a trip down to see Gunnar's second cousin Van, who is now 5 months old. Holding Van made me long for the days when I could snuggle G for as long as I wished without him wiggling around to get out of my arms and onto the floor. So much changes in 5 months.

 As I was browsing through a Ralph Lauren catalog I was overcome with sadness once I realized Gunnar has moved from layette sizes to toddler boy. Gone are the options of putting him in footed outfits all day long... After all we did just buy him BIG BOY SHOES at the shoe department at Nordstrom just a week ago.

He's growing up. He says "Mama," "Daddy," "kitty," "diaper," "ducky," "down," "more," "baa" and "book".  He stands on his own for nearly a minute and can cover the length of the apartment nearly as fast as the cats. His favorite games are putting things away, crawling with blocks or rings in his hands around the house and "I'm gonna get you!".  He is such a fun guy. He's eating nearly everything, even had german hotdogs last night. He sits at a restaurant like a champ calm, quiet and observant.

Yes. The thought of him not being a baby makes me quite sad. It's such a short long but short year...but I'm trying my best to keep my mind in the present...because for a short little while he still is a baby and everyday is a gift...

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  1. Awwww little man! It is sad but I can say that this next stage is just as sweet in different ways. We just had to give M his first haircut and suddenly he looks JUST like his Daddy! I do miss the baby days but I also love that he's more cognizant of what's going on. It was amazing to watch him playing with all his cousins last weekend... so much happiness awaits these little boys and watching them "discover" is the perfect remedy for the baby-missing-blues!