Wednesday, September 7, 2011

spinning round in circles...

We need money...
I should find a job... have a job I'll need to find daycare
...without a job I can't afford daycare
How can I arrange daycare before I have money to pay for daycare?
...suck it up and pay until you find job...
Called daycares...
...only one has an opening for child under 15 months...
What if I don't like this one?
What if it's too expensive?
Maybe I should look into babysitters... what a great site...
...never mind...what opportunists! I have to PAY $35/month to find a caregiver on your site???
I can't afford that!!
Babysitters are expensive in this town...$10-$25/hour...
...I'll need a good job to pay for that...
...but I need a babysitter to find a job...
someone book me on a commercial please so I can pay for the time I'm wasting looking for jobs and babysitters and getting nowhere...


  1. This is why I'm trying to get this job working nights! Good luck honey!

  2. Would you ever consider taking a child into your home? If you got a double stroller you could basically keep up your same exact routine with Gunnar and bring in extra money. I did it for awhile. Does your church have a weekly email bulletin that goes out? That's how I found the family I worked with. That way you don't have the chicken/egg thing with money and daycare. And, you would be SO amazing for some lucky family... Good luck! It's a tough spot to be in, for sure!

  3. Kirstin!! Let's do something together! I wish we lived closer, my kids could babysit, but could we do a business?

  4. I'm taking on a 15 month old starting this Monday, just one day a week. We don't have a double stroller yet; I'm hoping they can entertain each other a little and we can play in the yard (we'll see). $15 an hour. I'll let you know how it goes!

  5. I agree...if you are home during the day take a little one or two. I have a couple of mom friends that didn't want to go back to work full time so they are doing part time daycare. They found out what the guidelines were and are staying just under that so they don't need a license. One of my friends is doing it Tues-Thurs with Mon and Fri off. Also check into the YMCA sometimes those can be great part time jobs and you can bring G with you. Wish you lived could start a whole program at night teaching theatre to my dancers!!

  6. I wish you lived near me, because I would gladly contribute my daycare money to you and then I wouldn't feel bad leaving Sheldon for 7 hours.