Monday, September 12, 2011

just because...

"Just because he is too sweet...and I am a grandpa. I insist." said the jolly older man behind me today at the Unique thrift store.

"No. That's too much. It's such a sweet offer, but I can't possibly accept." I replied.

"No, I must insist. I will pay for the baby. I am a grandpa you see and you work hard as a mother, you deserve it...he is the sweetest thing and his smiles have made my day." He handed his credit card to the cashier and said "these will be in separate bags but I will pay for everything."

What could I say to that? I must have thanked the sweet man a hundred was truly unexpected and so kind...but a thank you didn't seem to be enough. This complete stranger bought us 5 baby outfits, a board book and a belt for me. I went to Unique thrift because I learned on Monday's everything is 50% off...and I love to bargain shop, and well we're tightening our belts these days.
I'm looking to do some "assistant teaching" to beef up my teaching resume and since it doesn't pay and happens during the day, we need to make some changes to afford light childcare. We've put our YMCA membership on hold for 3 months (I haven't had time to go with rehearsals and such anyhow) and starting next month we're canceling our cable.  So when I realized we needed some warmer clothes for Gunnar I didn't think a shopping spree at Baby Gap or Janie and Jack would help our cause. So off to the thrift store I went...only to find kindness and love from a complete stranger...maybe he knew, maybe he didn't...but it came at a time of need for us.  I will definitely have to find an opportunity to pay it forward somehow.


  1. Aw, love this! And you won't miss the cable - we don't! I sort of wished we at least had a converter box to watch memorial stuff on 9/11 and sometimes I miss the news, but if you're still getting basic TV I get you won't miss the cable :)

  2. I had so many precious little moments like that when my kids were wee and growing. I had too many car-breaking-down with just me and the 3 kids stories from before we had cell phones and wonderful strangers helping us along the way. You'll have opportunities to pay it forward, it may take awhile, but it will happen.