Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Million Things...

I am not joking when I say that I have one million things that I have going through my head on a daily basis. Or at least it feels that way. Even my lists can't keep up with all the things I want to get done...
Here is a small sampling of things I've thought or worried about today:

1. Money
2. Bills that are in dispute because they should be covered by our insurance but somehow weren't
3. Making Christmas owl ornaments
4. Making Christmas owl pillows
5. Making Fancy Christmas/Holiday Owl cloaks and hats for baby girls
6. Doing more Research for my play
7. Reading the novel that's feeding ideas for my play
8. Auditions? Any more auditions to summit for?
9. Sold another shirt
10. I need to buy more shirts for my Etsy supplies
11. I'm running out of clothing labels
12. buy more clothing labels
13. My house is a mess
14. What are we going to do with all of these toys?
15. Making personalized birthday sweaters for boys for my etsy shop
16. Should we get Gunnar another smash cake for his real birthday even though we celebrated his birthday with family this weekend?
17. I need to finish those shutterfly books I started 4 months ago...
18. new hangers for my closet...
19. I didn't buy enough hangers
20. crap I just found a coupon for the store that I spent $80 at today...I guess I should go back tomorrow and get that adjusted...crap
21. Sold a bunch of my clothes to resale shop...$92
22. She rejected a bunch of nice clothes...I need to find another resale shop that buys and make some more money
23. laundry...endless laundry
24. much trash and recycling...why do we get so much junk mail?
25. Gunnar is so big now
26. He's practically running before he completely walks
27. I hate spending money
28. Another 2 shirts sold in my shop...I need more shirts...
29. We wanted to go to CT and meet our new nephew...but not sure that will happen now that they're trapped in snow without power...
30. Should I have 2 female leads in my play or just 1?
31.  Jobs...I need to look for more teaching jobs..
32. Maybe I should get certified in Fitzmaurice technique...or Alexander....or ...
33. I need to work on that fellowship application
34. Ugh I need to vacuum
35. When did I last feed Gunnar?
36. I wonder if it's okay to start giving G whole milk...
37. I need to make G's 1 year check up appointment
39. I have 10 more things of Kathy's to list on etsy
40. I need to take photos of the 20+ items I made last month to list on Etsy...
41. I need to get out coats and sweaters to send to baby Charles
42. It is so annoying to type on a computer that has a broken delete button
43. I need to organize my Etsy supplies and closet...desperately
44. We have no food...I need to grocery shop
45. The car is a disaster from our trip to the can I clean it out with Gunnar?
46. I need to work on those shirts that sold...
47. Why am I still awake?
48. Tomorrow is Ghafir's birthday...
49. I need to write thank you notes for G's birthday presents before I forget
50. I should take down these Halloween decorations
51. I need to make an appointment for Gunnar's 1 year pictures
52. How do people have full time jobs and have a family? I don't get how I would have the time...but I think I want to do that...I think...eventually...
53. I still think we have too much stuff...
54. We need to either get rid of things or think about renting a bigger place soon...
55. I hate cleaning G's baby seat...I need to just give in and get rid of it all ready
56. I need to make new tags for my shop
57. Oh crap I forgot we need a new printer...I need to look for new printers
58. I need to find Gunnar some new soft/walking shoes since we lost one this weekend
59. Why don't we have any ice cream in this house?


and my mind keeps on going...and going...

 ...for your viewing pleasure...Gunnar's 1st Halloween and 1st Hair cut!

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  1. When you work full time, you have a longer list and you never get anything except the absolute essentials done. At least that's how I function. :) xoxox