Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Holiday Season...

I've decided to commit myself to small companies this season.
As a mom with a very small (yet growing) business I think it's important to support other people like me...who are trying to support their families in any way they can, through their art.

So I'm making a commitment to purchase most of my holiday gifts this year from small businesses and shops (like those on Etsy) or at local shops here in Chicago. This probably means I need to think ahead and buy things a lot sooner than usual (since I'm a last minute shopper) but I really think my friends and family will appreciate less commercial gifts. And I'll be happy knowing the majority of my money is going directly to a person rather than a corporation.

Have you checked out lately? Let's start a trend...Support small businesses this Holiday Season!

Here are some fun things I found today:

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  1. Neat idea Kirstin! We're definitely getting an advent calendar from etsy. I've always wanted a really neat one, and one with more space to put little gifts. I've already seen some super cute ones!