Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To My Birthday Boy

Dear Gunnar Miles,

Has it been a year already?
Since you came into our lives?
I can't think of a better day to celebrate than the day God gave me you. The greatest gift I've ever known is being "Mama" to you.

My Little One Year Old...
I love how you try to repeat what I say without fear of doing it wrong.
I love how your nose wrinkles and makes an x at the bridge and you breathe quick exhales through it when you think something is super funny.
I love your emphatic head nod and the arms that sometimes go with...and how you nod even to questions that weren't directed to you or sometimes for no reason at all.
I love your prideful "touch down!" when you want to show it off.
I love your Snake sounds and tongue and the animal sounds ("Baa" for Sheep, "Hoo" for owl, "fff" for puppy)  you love to share with anyone who'll listen.
I love how you say "UP!" and "DOWN!" when in an elevator. You excitedly point to the lighted numbers and often get the direction right (that's when I think you're a baby genius).
You love to put things away, or rather different places. I'll find books in drawers and shoes in shelves, but I love your helpful nature.
You love to point at the kitties and laugh at their silly ways...I love how you say "K-tee" and pat them oh so gently.
 I adore your cheerful kisses even though they're usually wet.
And snuggles can be rare but only because you're busy. But when I get them it warms my heart completely.

 The most surprising thing about you is your platinum hair.  Some people say it's even clear, it's so blonde.
Most people are surprised to see your mouth full of teeth...7 total: 4 on top and 3 underneath
Your eyes are dark and blue and most beautiful when you wear navy.
You are long and thin and I can't believe you're mostly wearing 18 month size clothes.
Your feet are huge, you're already wearing size 5 shoes.

You'll never know how much you've changed and taught us in your 12 mere months of life.
I never understood the meaning of unconditional love until you came into my life. You've taught me how to love and love BIG without need for anything in return.
You've given me the greatest joys and filled me with more pride than I have ever known.
Your smiles and contagious laughter are more precious to me than the stars and the moon and all the treasures of the world. You are my sunshine, you are my precious son.

I love you Gunnar Miles. Happy 1st Birthday!

I woke up this morning and read your birth story and thanked God for bringing me you.

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  1. K - Happy Birthday to G and congrats to mom and dad on being great parents - love the photos and recall Nov 15 2010 when we were able to arrive in time to greet his arrival.
    L, D