Friday, July 15, 2011

8 months Old!

That's my future "Billy Elliot" practicing the splits already!

"What do ya think ma?"

Gunnar Miles is 8 months Old today! I can't believe how big he's gotten.

John and I definitely went to the midnight release of Harry Potter: 7 part 2 last night. We didn't get home until 3:45am...a special thanks to Ian, Emily and Wendy for a terrific evening and an especially HUGE thank you to Gunnar's Auntie Kerry who spent the night last night so we could go!!! And in case you're wondering...YES! It was the best movie of the series...go see it!!

Nana arrives today...John and I are off to see Cirque Du Soleil and then dinner to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (which is actually on Sunday).