Friday, July 1, 2011

Chicago: Boycott Navy Pier Rides!!!

"Everyone pays to ride" said the less than enthusiastic ticket girl at Navy Pier with a snarl.

"Even 7 month olds?" my friend Nicole asked for me...

"Everyone pays to ride" she repeated emphatically as if this was the line she used for such ludicrous questions.
"Well forget about it then...I'm not riding." I told my friend Nicole as she purchased tickets for her 4 year old and 21 month old..."I'll watch the strollers."

I was sad that I couldn't join them on the ride that would give such great views of the city of Chicago and Lake Michigan...but I just couldn't give in on principle alone. I have no problem paying $6 for my own enjoyment...but Why should I have to pay the same price for my sleepy baby to ride a Ferris Wheel with me? WHY? And as I've stewed in my thoughts about it in the past few days the more irritated I've become.


Children Under 2 should ALWAYS BE FREE. For Everything. And if they're not free than there should at the very least be a significant discount in price (but you don't even offer that...)

If the child isn't old enough to build a lasting memory from the activity...they should be free. Period. Shame on you Navy Pier for capitalizing on mothers who have to pay for their babies in order to ride with their young children. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

There are THOUSANDS of places that offer FREE admission to children under 1 and 2. Why can't you comply? If my child can get into Disney World for FREE up until the age of 3...Why can't you let my infant ride free on your 5 minute ride?

So I'm making the call out to all Chicago moms...even visiting moms to the Chicago area. Boycott Navy Pier Rides. Don't RIDE, don't even tempt your children by going...Boycott until they make a change and allow Children under the age of 2 to ride Free on the Ferris Wheel and Carousel. 

If you must go to Navy Pier...Steer clear of the amusement park and take your kids straight to the Chicago Children's Museum where your baby (under the age of one) can play for FREE.  You can even get the whole family in for Free if you pick up a pass first at your local Chicago Public Library Branch.

TAKE NOTE NAVY PIER...(and Moms this is your NP alternatives) here is just a short list of Chicago attractions where babies are admitted free of charge:

Lincoln Park Zoo (Everyone gets in Free!)
Six Flags-Great America (Children Under 2 Free!)
Shedd Aquarium (Children Under 3 Free! Also check out their discount days. Some Mondays are Free and Bank of America Card Holders get Free Admissions on certain days. Chicago residence get a $3 Discount w/ID everyday)
Brookfield Zoo (Children Under 3 Free!)
Medieval Times (Children Under 3 Admitted free if they sit on your lap and eat from your plate)
Adler Planetarium (Children Under 3 Free! Also check out their discount days for the rest of the family)
John Hancock Observatory (Children Under 3 are Free...a far better view than the top of NP's ferris wheel any day)
Lambs Farm (Children Under 2 Free!)
The Art Institute of Chicago  (They've really got it Right: Kids 14 and Under are Free everyday! Also check out their Free Day Alerts! Some Mondays are Free for Bank of America Card Holders)
The Field Museum (Children Under 3 Free!)
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (Children Under 3 Free!)
Chicago Cubs (Children Under 2 Free when lap sitting)
Willis Tower Sky Deck (Children Under 3 Free!)
The List Goes on [Here's a link for more ideas]... GET A CLUE NAVY PIER!

If you'd like to Help Navy Pier Get a CLUE...copy the link to this blog post and send it in an email to:  and say: I won't visit again until Kids Under 2 Ride Free.


  1. All I have to say about this is... Welcome to Chicago, where the government will do whatever it takes to get as much money as possible. When we visit Mark's parents, we have to buy a parking pass just to park on the street outside their residential home and it's super expensive. Totally ridiculous that they'd charge a 6 month old for a Ferris Wheel ride! But sadly, not surprising.

  2. Go you! I love that you made such a great list of free activities!!