Sunday, July 17, 2011

7 Years ago Today...

I married an amazing man...who would become Gunnar's amazing Father.

I am so incredibly lucky to share this journey of parenthood with this man.  I didn't think it was possible to love him more...and then we had this beautiful baby...and I see how much he loves him and is so protective and adoring of him and I find myself falling for him more everyday.

Marriage is challenging and is a partnership and a spiritual journey. Every day is a new beginning and I look forward to starting every new adventure with him. The card John gave me today sums up my feelings exactly. It read: "I'd rather do nothing with YOU than anything with SOMEONE ELSE." How true.  Happy Anniversary to my dearest Johnny. I love you.

In Other News:

Book Club: Today we had our 2nd Bookclub meeting! Which was fabulous! This time we read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain which was a hug hit! We had a great discussion and I highly recommend this book!!!

Diaper Update...I recently gave Nature Babycare Diapers another test run. I ran out of diapers before our Amazon subscription of Seventh Generations arrived and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give these diapers another shot. And it almost seems like they read my blog and improved everything I disliked about them. [Original Review] This time we tried size 3...They've added adhesive to the tabs so they close a little better (not perfect, but much improved!) and we've seen excellent absorbency. Since these diapers are bio-degradable I am definitely considering switching my subscription to this brand.

Taking a Break...I just wanted to inform my readers that I'm going to take a mini vacation from my daily blog. Gunnar and I are taking a road trip with my parents out east (leaving poor daddy home working) and I have decided I'd like to use my time to catch up with friends, family, books and work on memorizing lines... I don't want to feel obligated to find internet or a computer everyday. So starting tomorrow my daily blog will be quite scarce for a few weeks. I will try to make a few updates here and there...but for the most part Gunnar's Mother won't be consistent again until August 4th. Thanks for your understanding...Love, Kirstin

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  1. Beautiful pictures :) 7 years! That's awesome! Hubby and I will be celebrating two year this September :)