Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Great Diaper Challenge: Round 2

Round 1 Wrap Up:
So today we've finished off the Baby Nature Care pack of diapers.  Of the 38 diapers we had 3 pee thrus and 3 blow outs. Which isn't the greatest track record, BUT they did seem to be a little snug on G so I'm wondering if we'd have different results in the next size. The fasteners which are apparently only velcro do not adhere to anything except the top front of the diaper and themselves...which makes it very difficult to pack up (but this could easily be solved by putting tape or something at your changing station). I also noticed that bits of the diaper would rub off onto G's biggie to me, but it might matter to some.  G had a low grade diaper rash throughout this whole pack (but I wonder if it was still healing from use of the Huggies which made it pretty bad). And yesterday we did notice a yeast (jock itch) rash (but I don't know if diapers cause these, he's had a few since birth).  But I don't know...the environmental factor is HUGE to me. The fact that these diapers are biodegradable make them worth a second look. In fact I might consider a 2nd trial run with these the next size up. With Amazon subscribe and save program (and free shipping from or amazonprime) pricing comes to $0.24 per diaper.

So here's how they scored on each category (5 star system.  5 *'s=Best, 1*= worst)

feel:                ****
softness:         ****
fit:                   ***
fasteners:        **
fashion:           *****
eco-friendly:   ****** (yes it got 6/5!!)
price:               ***
reliability:       ***

Average:   3.75 out of 5 *'s

Next up: Round 2: Seventh Generation Diapers
Since I've already given these a try and we're going on a trip...I thought it best to go with these next as I know them to be pretty reliable for G.

Seventh Generation Diapers boast:

  • Premium Absorbency
  • Free of Chlorine Processing
  • Free of Fragrances & Latex
  • Free of Petroleum Based Lotions
  • Hypoallergenic
They also disclose all of the ingredients for their diapers which are as follows:

  • Chlorine free wood pulp fluff
  • Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP)
  • Polyolefin nonwoven fabric
  • Adhesives
  • Polyolefin film
  • Synthetic rubber elastic strands
Size wise...these seem to be much bigger than huggies or Baby Nature Care. And by bigger I mean longer. Which is really great for Gunnar because he does have a very long torso.  The brownish color isn't the prettiest diaper shade but it sure reminds you that these are made from renewable resources!  So wish us luck with these as we venture off to Florida this week!

In other news. I spoiled myself today with my first pedicure since Gunnar was born (amazing!!) and daddy and Gunnar tried out a new carry style with our Hoppediz woven wrap today! G loved it...even took a nap on daddy's back!

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