Saturday, March 5, 2011

The New Seat

So today was a lazy Saturday for baby and mama. Gunnar and I played when he woke up from 7:30-8:30, then mommy decided to go back to bed and Gunnar napped in his crib until 9:30, when daddy brought G to mommy in bed, where we stayed together until 12:30...resting. Ahhhh that was quite nice. Then while daddy went off to the gym Gunnar and I made a quick trip to the library for new books and a museum pass (it is so nice to have a library next door!).
And then we were off to Target. Word on the street was the Britax Marathon was on sale! We have been researching carseats for a while, and were sort of looking but not thinking of buying this soon. But, Britax marathons have the highest rating in the baby bargain book and have the highest weight limit..and they usually cost a pretty penny. BUT, they now have made one specifically for Target, making the cost significantly lower (by at least $100) and now it was on sale ($40 off!) ontop of that..which finally brought this brand into our budget! Plus we had a Target gift card. So after a test drive in the store...we picked up this this bad boy!
And now...time for some organizing with the hubby.

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