Monday, March 21, 2011

What we learned today: volume 1

1. Gunnar gets a tummy ache when I drink orange juice. (Bad mommy choice before plane ride)
2. It is possible for baby to fall asleep on his tummy, on my lap, in cramped plane seat (who knew?)
3. Fingers work as well as the breast for sucking when ascending and descending on a plane.
4. When Gunnar is upset or overwhelmed it is best to talk to him in a high pitched voice, otherwise he will cry real tears (NOTE to ALL men...learn the art of falsetto speaking voice to please G)
5. Florida is still hot.
6. Gunnar is huge! (When compared to Stella his girlfriend, born 3 weeks after soon)

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, I am packing for my own Florida trip and fitting into NONE of my old T-shirts. They're all Ann Taylor XS or SP. So depressing to think those days are probably permanently gone.

    I've completed 8 flights with Matthew, so 16 take-offs and landings, and never once needed to nurse him (or have him suck on anything). Now I just knocked on wood... but I really think it's not necessary at all.

    Bed time!