Thursday, March 31, 2011

a glimmer of opportunity

So yesterday after much thought and consideration about going back to work I stumbled upon a few possible opportunities. I submitted myself for an upcoming audition, found a performing arts high school that is looking for part-time theater teachers and I found a theater company looking for submissions for adapted works. So I'm going to apply for the part-time teaching job which would be from 2-5pm a few days a week And I'm going to rework my script of "The Rachel Corrie Project" to fit the guidelines for this theatre festival, which would be an opportunity to get my play produced in Chicago.

This still doesn't answer the childcare issue. I'm going to keep investigating. Regardless, I don't want to work more than part-time a few hours a week. I keep forgetting that our church is a great I'm going to ask some of the young parents at my church. 

  In Other News: My sister is in town for the weekend! We're going to have a great time! G and I are even going to spend a night with her at the Palmer house! Too fun! Gunnar's latest thing is...sucking his wrist. He's sucking it raw. Poor guy has a permanent rough and red hicky on his left wrist. I'm hoping this is just a phase.

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  1. That sounds like a great balance! Church is a great place to find more flexible childcare. Also, do you belong to a local mommy or parent list serve? I belong to two, one for Somerville and one for Arlington. I get, seriously, over 50 emails a day but it's SO helpful. Nearly daily people post that they are looking for a nanny, or a baby-sitter, or that their own great nanny or baby-sitter needs more hours. I bet you can find a SAHM who could do your 2-5 pm a few days a week via church or a list serve! I'd do it if I lived closer!