Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guilty Pleasures of a Stay at home mom...

First of all I want to thank my readers for keeping it real and letting me know when I've posted something inaccurate...and for helping me stay informed.  I have to admit, I am very gullible.  Some might say I'm just generally very trusting of everyone and everything until I have a reason not to be. I remember in High School our science teacher told us that a meteor was going to hit earth and kill us all in 6 months.  I totally believed him for the entire class period and was having panicked thoughts of what I should do with my remaining time on the planet...apparently this was just part of his lesson and I was the only person who took him seriously.

Anyways, this is just one example why I'm not always good at deciphering good information from bad.  And I often forget to check the resources that are available right in front of me. Anyways, what I'm getting at is that my dear friend, fellow mommy and nurse informed me that most hand sanitizers DO NOT contain the chemical triclosan, which had me so worked up in my last post. Most hand sanitizers, like Purell, only contain alcohol as their active ingredient.  And I'm just going to quote my friend here: "The Center for Disease Control and Prevention promotes the use of Alcohol based hand sanitizer (like purell).  Alcohol based hand sanitizers are more effective at killing bacteria then soap and water - they are safe and have shown to greatly reduce the transmission of a number of diseases!"  (Thanks AJ!) And this time I did my research and what she says is true. Hand sanitizers are perfectly safe, and good! Phew!!!! I checked my sanitizer (CVS brand) and it's active ingredient was alcohol (no triclosan). So the Giant bottle of Sanitizer can remain on Gunnar's changing table. But the antibacterial soaps are another story...I love the scents from Bath and Body Works but those babies do have triclosan as their active ingredient. Poop.  But as a mommy who hates to waste...I think I'm going to keep using it until it's gone... (I've been using it for 10 years, what's another month or two going to do?) and then I'll replace it with regular soap when the time comes.

And I stand corrected with Seventh Generation diapers. They are made with recycled material, wood chips, but they are not bio-degradable, sad. They do however decompose faster than conventional diapers so I guess that is a bonus but not as great if they were bio-degradable.  (Thanks Kelly!)

***The Great Diaper Challenge (that's what I'm calling my diaper study) will start this weekend when I have time to go out and pick up small bags of each brand at Babies R stay tuned for that.

So when you become a mom, I've learned that there is very little time to do just anything you want. You can't laze around all day vegging in front of the TV watching countless episodes of Baby Story and House Hunters (like I did when I was pregnant, guilty.) You really have to pick your guilty pleasures wisely because there is very little time in the day to do what you want to do (because baby & chores dictates about 89% of my day, these days).

So here is a list of this mommy's guilty pleasures:

1. The Bachelor (Oh I live for Mondays...I'm going to be Soooooo sad after the finale next week what will I look forward to after the weekend is over?)

2. Facebook stalker...(yes, I stalk you. Probably. If you post a status update or pictures of your cute baby or ultrasound, I've seen it. There is serious danger in having a Facebook App on my Droid phone.)

3. Twilight (I've been nursing "Breaking Dawn" since the 9th month of my pregnancy. No joke...I guess I don't want it to end?? Not that the book is that good...and maybe that's part of why I haven't finished's kind of rubbish...but I enjoy it when I read it...2 pages at a time. To my defense, I have been reading 6 other books at the same time (this is the only, "for fun" read)...I have ADD, no seriously.)

4. Ice Cream. I have an ice cream cone every night. Well almost. Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to have it and as I climb into bed I remember and it just makes me so sad that I forgot.

5. Long, hot showers. If I'm going to shower I need a good 20 minutes...If I know I won't be able to get this, I just won't shower. I love to take my time and enjoy the steam.

6. Morning naps. I try to climb in bed as soon as I get home from dropping John off at the train...and I will sleep as long as G will let me...sometimes as late as noon!!

7. Starbucks. Panera. Julius Meinl. McD's Cafe. It doesn't matter where my hot beverage comes's just a great treat to least once a week.

Today was "Visit your Daddy at Work Day" for G...he was a hit!!!

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